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I recently had the following idea: writing with an unconscious creative person, be it fiction, poetry, journalism, memoirs or cartoons, is like walking. Other functions are displayed. Another way to connect with yourself and the world. The only source of change in this global wealth is commitment, fear, and a desire to share and share.

Oh, and treasure is the key. 

Although we do not know it exists, it is in our pockets when it arrives. It is crucial to know who we are, what we think the family should be. The desire to fly somewhere is, as John O’Donoghou said, “quiet, fast, and full of undiscovered freedom.” A room without windows and doors should belong to everyone who has a place in the heart. “

And we went to the key store. We see beautiful clothes in every window. It is a colorful dress with fine silk, feathers and a tombstone. Price: Shine desire. There is a hat in the clouds and it is made of bright stars and moons that seem to be floating in the sky. Price: Desire to be entertained. There are only winged operations: dragon wings, fairy wings, butterfly wings, lace wings, and velvet wings, silk wings in all known and unknown colors. Price: Flight request. Sales are constant because it is cosmopolitan. And the most surprising thing is that when you leave, you will only see the perfect source.

I believe that every time we return to this cosmic center, 

we discover another source … a greater source, a source of beauty, depth, and a strange mystery … We are ready to see it for the first time. . Our eyes and hearts are not open. We are not ready to allow our spirits to express themselves and escape. But surprisingly, over time, we will discover that a revolution will not happen if we include new parts of who we are. We didn’t have to choose – we had all the credit!

As creative men and women, we are secretly at home;

 We keep these rhythms, colors and songs inside. When we enter our consciousness, we enter a path from in the shopping 레플리카 mall we cannot return. Writing exercises

My work is based on how you organize your writing about the heart and the cut, the circle of the mind, and the inner writer who is the home of the inner critic. The best way to make this change is to use the image as a bridge to the subconscious. Why? A state of dreams and emotions because the image is on the right side of the brain. Internal critics are afraid to ignore logic, reasoning, criticism, and analysis. Why? Because the right side of the brain is very confused, confused and sensitive to complex things like language. In addition, the inner critic lives to maintain a normal state unrelated to the cosmic capacity of the subconscious.

Then there are exercises that use the power of images to stimulate your creativity. This is followed by three written suggestions with suggestions on how to improve the character and story to get out of the picture of free fall.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath and three hundred. Think about the author while breathing. If you take a deep breath, think about getting rid of criticism.

Close your eyes and imagine that you are alone with the writer. Watch him as he unconsciously enters the cosmic creative world. A world outside of time and space, where nothing is predetermined and nothing is possible. If you don’t see anything, you know you’re in the right place!

After a while, you realize you’re looking for a picture to introduce yourself. If you look at a picture three times – whatever that means – it’s your picture, a gift from a local author.



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