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Social Media a Gold Mine for Scammers

The advent of technology, social linkages, and digitization has resulted in a 66 percent increase in online scams. Online scams are a type of cybercrime that involves using the internet to defraud people of their assets, money, and other valuable and personal information. 

There are numerous types of online scams, including dating scams, shopping scams, monetary scams, and so on. If you have ever been through such an instance where you think you are becoming a victim of online fraud or have already fallen into the net of an online scam, then reach out to the chargebackway team, and they will help you get your money back!

Social media pervades many people’s lives; we use it to remain in touch, meet new friends, shop, and have fun. However, data reveal that scammers are increasingly using social media to defraud us. In 2021, more than one-fourth of those who reported losing money to fraud claimed it began with a social media ad, post, or message. 

As great as it is that social media enables interconnectivity between individuals on a global scale – if it is not used wisely, social media platforms can turn into houses of danger. Think of it this way, you shop online through Facebook, the seller asks you to make a direct payment to his/ her account, and they will ship you the item you bought. You being a kind and humble individual, do, as they say, the payment gets transferred from your account to their – and BOOM! They vanish into thin air; how will you trace them now? As your only means to contact them was through a social media platform! Therefore, social media may have many advantages, but it is also the hub of numerous types of scams. 

Chargebackway Saved my big day! 

To me, social media has always looked like a safe place to interact with my loved ones and, more significantly, shop from all over the world in one location. When I was defrauded online, though, this safe haven turned into a nightmare for me. I was getting married in six months and had chosen the perfect wedding gown on the internet. The website seemed legit and had customer testimonials all across the page. I paid $75000 for the dress and used a link that was emailed to me to make the payment to the business. I didn’t realize the connection wasn’t safe because I was new to online buying. I began receiving emails from my bank regarding online transactions from my account, and all I knew was that I wasn’t the one making the purchases. I googled recovery fund firms as the wedding date approached and came upon chargebackway

This company is a funds recovery investigation service that attempts to provide you with the greatest experts in the industry in order to recover your money from a con artist. My evidence was good enough that they were able to retrieve my money in less than three months after I contacted the firm via their website and gave them the transaction data. I was able to attend my wedding in a decent gown thanks to funds trace, which I made sure was purchased according to policy.

A payment extortion scam happens when an individual takes someone else’s private financial institution data and utilizations it to make unapproved exchanges or purchases. The real account holder or owner of the payment information subsequently notices that their account is being used for exchanges or purchases that they did not authorize, which causes anxiety. If you believe purchases are being made under or in your name without your consent, it can be alarming, just like in my case. If someone is misusing your account info to make online transactions, let chargebackway know, and they can help you get your money back. Through innovative tracking tactics, the chargebackway traces down that scammer files a dispute with financial authorities and attains your stolen amount, just like the chargebackway helped me recover my money. In the past year, approximately 50,000 cases such as this have emerged, and chargebackway has been able to recover such stolen money from scammers.

Stay safe from fraud. 

There are a variety of internet scams rising in the world now, ranging from internet dating scams to ransomware attacks, trading schemes, and so much more. It is very important that you keep informed in order to protect yourself from these rising frauds. However, if an online fraud has occurred with you, people have robbed you of your hard-earned money, and now you do not know what to do – then reach out to chargebackway recovery agents, and they will help you. Through their integrative and advanced recovery tactics, they can audit your case, trace the scammer, track them down, and recover your stolen amount – no matter how big or small the amount is!



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