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SEO for a Better Web Maintenance

Search engine algorithms are constantly evolving with SEO and SEM services playing vital roles in building an online presence for a brand. Search engines crawl the Web day in and day out adjusting the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) to reflect new websites, site linking, and updated content.

To sustain in today’s competitive market, businesses should maintain a popular Web presence to stay on top of SERP. To achieve it, brands need to regularly monitor their sites, competitors, and the latest trends in keyword query to optimize their sites.

ESO maintenance keeps a website in compliance with certain web maintenance services:

Website Review

Businesses should monitor their sites regularly for any new content or designs added and ensure that the coding practices are correct and keywords are used effectively in the new content.

Competitive Analysis

Keeping track of the competition helps businesses how to stay on top in SERP.

Keyword Research

Reviewing the keywords/ phrases a site is optimized for will provide valuable information to store owners about the search volume tracked over a time period.

Role of SEO and SEM in Web Maintenance

Validation of Link

Link validation is a critical part of all Web maintenance services. It is the deep scanning of all site pages to make sure there are no dead links.

Popularity of Link

Increasing link popularity is vital in Web maintenance to promote a site in such a way it appears at the top of SERP.

Optimization of Image

Images help generate sufficient traffic to a site from image-based search engines. Image optimization is a vital part of Web maintenance as it allows a site to load faster. It directly impacts the performance of a site.

Content Updates

Content updates – contact information, business information, products and services, and other textual content of a site play the differentiating factor between a brand and its competitor. SEO invites search engine crawlers to re-index a site more frequently.

Role of SEM in Web Maintenance

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the strategic approach towards advertising and marketing tactics.

  • It influences purchase-related decisions and enables brands to expose their products and services through online marketing strategies.
  • SEM attracts traffic to websites and complements the performance of SEO.
  • It is six times more effective than banner advertisements and less expensive.

SEO is a great technique that keeps site content updated, boosts sales, reduces the risk of online security issues, and reduces bounce rates. It aids businesses in maintaining a good website that attracts more customers, increases visitors, and converts them to potential customers.

SEO is a proven and hassle-free ethical process that gives businesses a renewed commitment.



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