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How to Put the Top Business Security Innovations of the 21st Century to Good Use

Business owners understand the importance of keeping both their physical premises and their electronic data secure. That said, not all of them are aware of the level of threats posed by 21st-century criminals. This article will take a look at some of the business security innovations that can help.

Automated License Plate Recognition Systems

Although the full use of ALPRSs is restricted to police departments, businesses can also make use of the technology in an altered form. More specifically, they can set up license plate readers in parking lots along with databases of all the approved vehicles for that lot. If anyone shows up unannounced without first seeking permission to visit, having an ALPRS in place will make it easier to detect.

Automated License Plate Recognition

Access Control Systems

Securing parking lots is only the first step. It’s equally important for unapproved individuals to be excluded from the buildings themselves, which requires an effective access control system (ACS). ACSs can be used not just for the primary entrance to a building but also to secure different areas of an organization’s campus since they allow administrators to set different levels of permissions and restrict access to sensitive areas.

Until recently, these systems were subject to human error because they relied on security personnel to assign and revoke permissions and employees not to lose their keycards. Now, those problems are things of the past. Automated ACSs leverage the power of AI-driven software to manage permissions remotely and more efficiently.

Effective Surveillance

An effective surveillance system needs to do more than just record video. It should also be tied into the company’s general security system. Setting up motion-activated cameras along the perimeter of sensitive outdoor areas can improve the efficiency of a video surveillance system, as can using a combination of short-range and long-range cameras.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity

The problem with the kinds of physical access control systems described above is that they are often subject to cyberattacks, even if the rest of the company’s digital infrastructure is well secured. If businesses purchase these or other automated systems from the wrong vendor, there may not be adequate cybersecurity protocols built into the software, which can also place the company at risk.

Cybersecurity plans for the 21st century need to extend beyond securing basic infrastructure. It also requires data encryption for all messages sent in and out of the network, strong network protections, and an effective policy for educating employees about the importance of cybersecurity best practices.

An Effective Security Team

Despite all of the innovations and increased automation in the field of business security, human personnel are still the linchpin of any effective security plan. Without an experienced security officer and a team of personnel to monitor both physical and digital activity, all of the technological solutions available in today’s markets won’t currently offer adequate protection.

Use Multiple Approaches to Security for Maximum Effect

The best approach to securing any large business campus is to put some or all of the systems described above into place and integrate them for maximum effectiveness and transparency. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a dedicated business security software vendor for help figuring out how best to integrate disparate programs into one unified monitoring system.



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