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Rove Vape Carttridge Ratings

We are always looking for vape brands that strive to offer great taste and quality. The Rove meets both criteria. Rove believes in honesty, simplicity and transparency. They use art and science to create cannabis oil carttridges that are fragrant and safe to breathe.

Rove’s hemp oil range is made from 100% California grown hemp. Rove scientists extract liquid carbon dioxide to produce high-quality oils to create clean and powerful e-cigarette carttridges.

Design and packaging of Rove Supplements

Rove inserts are made from high quality stainless steel and Pyrex glass. Each carttridge is compatible with a universal 510 threaded battery. Rove carttridges create massive clouds thanks to the dual coil atomizer and efficient airflow design. Each carttridge and pack is color coded to indicate the strains phenotype (indica, sativa, or hybrid).

Forklift Efficiency

All Rove vape carttridges are very potent and high in THC. Each carttridge is tested for 70% to 80% THC and 1% to 2% CBD. For the latest research on the entire line of e-cigarette carttridges, visit the Rove brand website.

Choose the type of Rove

  • Rove offers a wide variety.
  • OG (Indica) – 78.27%
  • Kush (indica) – 77.94%
  • Mono (Indica) 78.37%
  • Cookies (Hybrid) – 78.23%
  • Sorbet (hybrid) – 78.82%
  • Dream (Hybrid) – 78.08%
  • Glue (hybrid) – 78.23%
  • Wow (Sativa) – 78.11%
  • Fog (Sativa) 77.56%

Our experience with Rove carttridges

hemp oil is sticky

We are satisfied with the quality of our Rove products. Vaporizers are portable, powerful, and delicious. The only drawback we noticed was the thickness of the oil.

Its oil is so thick that it can be difficult to get exact hits. However, preheating the oil will provide a satisfyingly even and dense cloud. This cart works best with button vape batteries. Press the button for a few seconds before the lottery is drawn.

Some vape batteries, like the Rokin Mini Vape, have a preheat feature that breaks down thick or cold oils.

Flavors and Effects

All Rove hemp oils go through a solvent-free purification system to give them a clean, refreshing taste. We were lucky enough to try the Sherbet (hybrid) and Ape (indica) hemp oil carttridges. The blows of both carttridges softened the throat and gave it a delicious taste.

The sherbet carttridge had an amazing rove carts flavors with a hint of citrus. We feel very comfortable after a few sips of sherbet. It was definitely a great combination of head and body height. The high itself was not too overwhelming.

The mono refills were full of flavor with sweet fruit notes and aromas. Monkey Marijuana Oil has given us a beautiful hairstyle. High starts at the eyes and progresses from head to toe, allowing for the perfect gauge height.

Rove cart price and where to buy

Rove carttridges are available at all California dispensaries for about $30 for a half gram (500mg) carttridge and about $45 for a full gram (1000mg) carttridge.

Rove also offers its own brand of 510 threaded batteries, which are sold separately.

You can find Rove products and prices at your local California dispensary. Please visit the Rove brand website for specific locations where they are available.

Check out our full vape cartridge reviews to find the best hemp oil brands.



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