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Advantages of Tile roofing & Rockland County Roofing Contractors

There are many roofing materials that are used for the durability of the roof, but tile roofing stands first on the list. There are many ways you can style your tile roofing, but the main concern is that you have to hire a professional Rockland County roofing contractors. Everything is in the hands of a contractor and a good contractor is able to give your house a fresh look like never before. 

This article will discuss the advantages of having a tile roof and the different ways to style the tile on your roof.

100 years of longevity

Longevity is the main reason people go for tile roofing. A good tile roof can last over 100 years but only if you take great care of the roof as same as you take care of your interior. You have to keep your roof clean once in 3-4 months. Many people ideally wash and clean their roof in four months and this is a great practice to keep your house clean inside out.

Speaking of longevity, it lasts longer because of the heavy weight. The more your material is heavy-and has heavy compounds, the more it last longer. Did you know that longevity also depends on the design you choose for your tile roofing. Many people think that interlock designs are not as long-lasting as the curved and flat tile roofing. But it depends on the quality of your tile, and the contractor’s work.

Sometimes local contractors don’t pay attention to the details and end up ruining your house’s roof. That is why it is very important to hire a professional and experienced Rockland County roofing contractors who knows what he is doing and is skilled in his work. 


Tile roofing gives you so many options to style to the roof, which no other roofing materials provide.

For instance, you can opt for Spanish tiles, Scandia tiles, double roman tiles, flat shake tiles, and more. One of the main reasons people trust and want to go for the tile roofing is that they come in many styles and designs that are different from one another. You can easily identify which tile is of what kind. And it enhances your house’s look as well. We will discuss the styles and types later in the topic from now there is another bid advantage that came with the tile roofing as that is:

Eco friendly

Many roofing materials are made of synthetic materials that can ruin your house and have a bad impact on the climate and our beloved earth. Tiles are made of natural and earthy materials, you can easily recycle them when removed or broken. Many companies recycle the broken and damaged tiles to make new tiles from them.

This is the reason tile roofs will never decay and last longer than you have expected, as mentioned above. We have mentioned above that tiles are heavy, and this keeps them to stay longer, these heavy mass of tiles helps the internal temperature of the house. Many people use Tile roofing to keep their house climate-friendly in every season. 

Types of tiles

Spanish tiles

Spanish tiles are also known as Double roman tiles or Barrel roof tiles. These tiles are in the shape of cylinders which are tightly placed together to prevent water from staying on the floor and for other beneficial reasons. It is eco-friendly and has the tendency to bear severe weather conditions. This is the longevity and durability we have mentioned above. 

Scandia tiles

This tile is sometimes confused with the Spanish tile because of the styles and looks. This is similar to the Spanish tiles, but Scandia tiles’ cylindrical shape is inverted cylinders. They are also a good option for your roof. Many architects use Scandia tiles to keep your house safe from weather conditions. 

Concrete tiles

This tile is also known as flat shake tile, made up of concrete. Due to the concrete you can turn this tile into any shape. Many people use Concrete tiles on their houses and give it the look of wood roofing. This is the advantage of having a concrete roofing. On the other hand, you can opt for the simple plain design of the roof with the help of flat shake tile. It will work the same in every shape and design.

Because of the flat shape, you don’t have to worry about the rain. The flat surface easily shed the rain so that you can have a dry and aesthetic-looking roof over your house. 

There are many other tiles styles and designs that you can opt for your roofing projects. But the most commonly used ones are mentioned above. Apart from the tile and the types of tile you need a good contractor who knows what he is doing. JLL Painting provided the best Rockland county roofing contractors. They are experienced and skilled so you don’t have to worry about anything. All you have to do is visit their website and book your dates. 



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