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How To Pick The Right Perfume Brand To Match Your Taste

Perfumes and scents are a special part of makeup when people become ready for some occasion. They can help to enhance the beauty and attract a potential mate. The perfume boxes can help you know about the quality of a perfume. The perfume should evoke fond memories and help you smell good.

You can find a lot of perfumes and cologne in the market. Choosing the right perfume is daunting or intimidating, but it shouldn’t be. From so many kinds of perfumes, how can you choose the best smell that can match your taste? Following is a detailed guide to choosing the right perfume for you.

Know About Notes From Perfume Boxes

You must know that each perfume consists of different kinds of “notes.” These notes determine the overall scent. There are three layers: top, base, and middle layers for each note. All of these layers work in synergy for creating a smell. You may know about floral scents consisting of different notes, such as geranium, rose, or gardenia.

Moreover, some other scents with fruitier notes, such as undertones of apple or citrus. Various exotic perfumes come with spicy notes such as cinnamon or star anise. Similarly, men’s perfumes come with different specific notes. For example, musk scents come with heavier and more masculine undertones. Some scents can possess smells like pine or leather-based notes.

After knowing about notes, you may understand how to determine the right kind of perfume for you. It can give you an idea to choose the perfume you prefer. Moreover, you should see their base notes before finalizing the purchasing decision. Hence, you should get more information about different notes used to make perfumes and cologne. It will help you choose the best one according to your taste.

Choose The Right Concentration 

All kinds of fragrances are available in four different types of concentrations. The price of the scent varies according to its concentration. For higher concentration, the price is higher. Typically, perfumes having high concentrations are powerful and last for a long time. They are expensive, but some people prefer them due to their powerful and long-lasting smell. The highest concentration is called perfume or simply parfum.

It endures all day with just one application on pulse points or wrists. The next lower level is Eau de parfum. Typically, it lasts for six hours with one application. The third level is eau de toilette which is affordable for everyone. It is easily available in different retail stores. It requires more applications in a day to last longer. The lowest concentration is eau de cologne. It only lasts about two hours.



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