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Reflexology: A Treatment Like No Other

Reflexology is an ancient method of treatment that was widely used in places like China and Egypt. Its origin is often a topic of dispute. Nevertheless, this practice is widespread, owing to its effective results.

Different Types of Reflexology

There are variations in the practice of this treatment. The different kinds of reflexology treatments are–

  • Foot Reflexology-

In this kind of treatment, pressure is applied to specific reflex points on the feet of the patient.

  • Hand Reflexology-

This treatment includes the application of pressure on the hands of the patients.

  • Ear Reflexology-

In this therapy, pressure is applied on the auricle of the external ear using a specific finger and hand technique.

  • Facial Reflexology-

It stimulates the healing process in the face of a person. In this therapy, gentle pressure is applied to different reflex points on the face.

  • Maternity Reflexology-

This reflexology helps the mother and the unborn child deal with maternity issues. Its main goal is to soothe the aches in the back and joints that are given rise to because of the growing belly.

  • Craniosacral Reflexology-

This kind of reflexology is an integration of reflexology, cranial osteopathy, and craniosacral therapy.

  • Body Reflexology-

This treatment works on reflex points throughout the body.

  • Dermoneural Reflexology-

It is a non-invasive therapy that uses clavicles to activate receptors of neurochemical transmitters in the skin’s molecular and submolecular levels.

  • Fertility Reflexology-

This method deals with fertility issues such as Endometriosis, Low Progesterone, and the like.

  • Praxis Vertebralis Neuro-foot Reflexology-

This technique works on the spinal cord reflex points in the feet.

Reflexology Myths Debunked

Since reflexology is an ancient method of treatment, it came along with many myths surrounding it. Here are some common myths debunked–

Reflexology Hurts

While most of the non-medicinal treatments are illustrated with needles and pins, reflexology makes an exception. Since your reflexologist knows the field well, they will apply appropriate pressure wherever required.

The pressure used in this treatment is generally associated with massages, which gets people sore and numb. Such is not the case with this therapy. It feels like a tender sensation.

Reflexology Can Be Used to Make Diagnosis

While reflexology comes useful for highlighting the aspects that are out of balance, it is not the ideal method to diagnose illnesses. Reflexologists recommend their patients visit their doctor for their ailments.

It is a Foot Massage

Reflexology is not a fancy term for foot massage and you cannot expect the same results as this therapy in an average foot massage session. It uses the application of systematic pressure on the feet, unlike massage therapy. This further helps you restore balance in your body.


There are many benefits of this ancient treatment. It is more than just a couple of physical therapy sessions. It gives you peace and various advantages. Some of the best-known benefits are–

  • relaxation
  • improved nerve functioning
  • increased brain power
  • enhanced blood circulation
  • helps ease insomnia
  • boosts metabolism
  • reduces headache
  • relieves discomfort from menstruation and pregnancy
  • helps with anxiety and depression
  • complements cancer treatment
  • works on your well-being

Hook yourself up with reflexology sessions to chuck those stressful days out of your life.



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