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Realme Mobile Price in Bangladesh: What to Expect in 2022

As we get closer to the end of 2018, new smartphones are making headlines with the latest specs and features. The question on everyone’s mind is, what’s next? One of the companies leading in new phone releases for 2019 and beyond is Realme, based in India. We talked to their representatives about what we can expect from them in the next few years when it comes to mobile phones, especially price points and other details that are important to people who like to buy phones online or upgrade frequently.

Is There a Future for Realme in Bangladesh?

In light of the 5% or so excise duty imposed on imported cell phones, we’re confident that Realme will continue its momentum in Bangladesh. We predict this trend is unlikely to reverse due to the escalating push for local manufacturing and production of goods within the country. This, combined with Realme’s competitive price point and the quality of their products, may make them a contender for market share going forward.

Who are The Key Players & Competitors?

Despite being fairly new, Realme has made a name for itself in the world of smartphones and captured 8% of China’s market share within six months. It offers high-end hardware and a good camera at an affordable price. The company is also investing heavily into R&D, which could help it lead the next generation of innovation with its devices by 2020.

How Can I Save Money on Smartphones?

I have been reading an insightful blog called Affordable Smartphones which gives me a lot of ideas on how I can save money on smartphones. All phone price in Bangladesh can be really high and there are ways you can get a better deal. If you’re trying to save, then you should think about buying refurbished phones online instead of buying them at the store. You could also save by getting new Android phones that are cheaper than the latest iPhones.

How Are Devices Getting Cheaper?

To find out, we went over to 1+1online and checked the cost of five mobile devices, which were released 10 years ago, alongside prices of their newest models. Realistically, all phone price in Bangladesh have dropped, but this isn’t as evident when it comes to some devices and models. For example, the iPhone XS costs Rs. 2 Lakhs on 1+1online while the iPhone SE costs Rs. 42000 without taxes. That’s a big difference!

Is It All about Smartphone Prices or the Network Pricing?

The smartphone prices are constantly changing, but the network pricing is what affects the actual prices. The most important thing you need to do when it comes to smartphones is know your networks and know what type of deals they have on plans. There are many different things that can change these realme all phone price in Bangladesh 2022 costs. For example, your type of plan will affect the price as well as how much data you want, which can increase or decrease costs.

We have collected Latest Realme mobiles now available in Bangladesh.

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Should I Upgrade My Phone Now or Should I Wait Until 2022?

If you’re the type of person who likes to upgrade their phones every few years, then you’ll want to wait until 2022. By that time, there should be some realme mobiles which could save you money. If it’s okay with you if your phone is two or three years old for a little bit longer, then the savings might outweigh the inconvenience. It also depends on how much you are spending on your phone now.



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