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Raksha Bandhan is a special day: Here are some ways to make it even more special

Raksha Bandhan is one of the liveliest, most cheerful, innocent, and direct festivals that we celebrate. Though every festival we celebrate has these traits, Raksha Bandhan is more special because it celebrates the bond shared by a brother and his sister, the love that they have for each other. The relationship that a brother and sister share is full of care, understanding, respect, support, and empathy. Though it is masked with funny banters, minor annoyances, and playful fights, a brother and sister hold an ocean of love for each other. This bond is unique because it’s one of the least expressive verbally, but physically it is the most expressive.

Raksha Bandhan is a special day

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Gifts always make the one receiving them feel special. They make the person feel happy from the inside out, they make them smile, they make them excited, and they express how much this particular person means to you. Send a gift to Delhi or send a gift to Doha. Sending and buying stuff using online platforms is not a difficult task anymore. It’s not even a task anymore, and it’s an activity. The rakhi part is sorted, and the gift part is sorted, but don’t you think there’s something else you can do to make this Raksha Bandhan a little more special for your brother? A little more exciting and a little more cheerful? Well, which sister wouldn’t want that?! So, here are a few ideas for you to make this Raksha Bandhan extremely special for your bro: 

You Cook He Shook:

Put on that chef hat on your head this time and cook for your brother. Make a list of everything your brother likes to eat or drink, make all of that with your hand, and surprise him. Cook his favorite dish, make his favorite drink and don’t forget to make his favorite sweet. Your brother would enjoy that meal more than any other meal he’s ever had, all because he knows how much effort you put in to make him feel special, and having a sister like you would make him feel special about himself. He’ll love this gesture of yours without a doubt. 

Spree Shops till he Drops:

After all the rakhi rituals, take your brother out for a shopping spree, drive to his favorite stores, showrooms, outlets, malls, markets, or shops, and let him pick anything he likes. You can tell him to buy three things, five things, or ten things of his choice (keep the number according to your budget because you’ll be paying for it all). Give him genuine suggestions, be it footwear, accessories, clothes, bags, or anything else, give him the freedom of buying anything that he wants, the royal treatment that you’d give to him would make him feel like the most special person on the planet that day. 

The Bro Boat:

Plan a little road trip for your brother this Raksha Bandhan, don’t tell him until it’s time for you to leave. Secretly pack his bags, throw his necessary items in the suitcase, and hide the suitcase somewhere. After you’re done with the rakhi rituals, take him somewhere geographically close, somewhere that he always wanted to go, someplace that he likes, it could be a single day trip or a short trip. Just make sure you and your brother spend quality time together, having fun, talking to each other, clicking pictures, and dancing. You can even ask your favorite cousins to hop in and accompany you on this trip, it would be so much fun, and it would make this Raksha Bandhan more special not only for your brother but your other cousins as well. 

Pretty Party:

Throw a surprise party for your brother, invite all of his close friends, relatives, and family members, prepare a speech, and include every emotion that you feel for him, how much you love him, how much he means to you, and how much you respect him. Read that speech allowed in front of all the people, and hug him after finishing the speech. It would be a very emotional moment for both of you and equally special. Don’t forget to put on some groovy music and shake a leg together after.  

You might have better ideas, or you might not, but few are sure to make this Raksha Bandhan more special for you and your brother. The price of the gift doesn’t matter. The size of the gift doesn’t matter. What matters is the love and affection involved behind it, the intention behind it, and the respect for the bond that you two share.



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