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How Phone Tracker Make it Easy for Big Changes Coming Up

Do you need a phone tracker app? So last month my firm called us employees back to the office. It was time to say goodbye to the comfortable work environment and flexible official time schedules. My husband was happy and excited about this new change but I was not. See Its been a tough ride for working parents to manage work and home equally well and together. With work from home, it was so much easy as I don’t have to waste time by remaining stuck in traffic both early morning and in the evening.

Moreover, I had more time on my plate to spend with the kids and all. In short, I was so much absorbed in that time routine that I thought maybe this will stay like this forever. But things changed just like they always and I had to be prepared for this new change.

Lets discuss phone tracker app

Maybe being married for a long time means that your partner knows and realizes your fears and worries way before you tell them. So when I discussed with him that things are going to change again and we should be prepared he laughed and told me that I should only focus to prepare for the work routine and all and no need to worry about the kids.

I knew that he has something planned but he told me it was still not ready so I have to wait. Turned out it was the TheOneSpy phone tracker app as a parental control for the kids. I thought of it as some complicated process but thankfully it was not. Beyond my expectation, it is quite easy and simple to use the app as parental control and is quite satisfying as well. So here is how Theonespy helped me cope with my anxieties and big changes.

Safety Check:

Leaving the kids with the new babysitter was one of my big worries. Thankfully, my teenager is an android phone user so is simply install the Theonespy app in her gadget. Through the mic’s big feature I can easily hear the kids and the surroundings chat and discussion remotely.

The mic bug feature bugs the mic of the target gadget making it possible for the parents to know everything about the target and its surroundings. The feature can let your know in case your kid is in any sort of problem or danger.

Watch Alert:

Watch them with the camera bug feature whenever your want. The feature lets me remotely use the rear and front camera of the target teen device. I can know what are they doing, about their company and in case they are involved in any illegal activity. The feature practically lets you become the teen shadow.

Screen Time Check:

All the gadget activities are stored in the form of screenshots and short videos for the parents. You can manage your screen time quite easily with the help of the screen monitoring feature.

Time-stamped Information:

The recorded data is saved with timestamped information. That means you can know how much time your kid spent playing online games and how much was spent on remote learning or schoolwork.

Whereabouts Alerts:

One of my favorite features is the Gps location tracking feature. I can monitor my kid’s location through her journey back home from school. The spy app lets me know about the pinpoint location in real-time.

Restrict Their Movement:

The geofencing feature is the bonus one as the feature is a real blessing for working parents. You can simply stop your kid from going to any weird place by marking a restricted zone on google map.

Web Monitoring :

Knowing what kind of web content is liked by your kid makes things very easy. With the web monitoring feature, parents can check the web browsing history of the kid without them knowing.

Change no doubt is inevitable. One can simply be stuck in the same cycle and live their life. So how about learning ways and coping mechanism that allows you to move on quickly and adjust yourself accordingly. Theonespy phone tracker helped me a lot in adjusting back to working parent life. I can now focus on my work peacefully without worrying about the kids back home, their safety, and their well-being.



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