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Pay transparency is a source of trust

We are always looking for young profiles which we continue to train ourselves. Being an accountant in a small office requires being versatile. For specialists in a field, we call on externals. We see this external knowledge as valuable learning moments for our own employees.

Why does an accountant choose your firm and not one of the big four?

Paul:  Starters can learn the whole trade here in a family atmosphere. They are immersed in a bath of global knowledge and experience, which enables them to work on an autonomous basis in the short term. Still, we hope they stay. In addition, we use the same professional software tools here as at the Big Four. We therefore play on an equal footing at this level. »

Have the expectations of candidate accountants changed over the years?

Paul : Young people are mainly looking for flexibility and challenges in their work. In this regard, we already have a particularly flexible system. We work on a weekly schedule of 40 hours, with an additional 12 days of RTT. Because we are a small organization, employees can plan their holidays themselves in a flexible way. Our office runs entirely on the cloud. It is therefore perfectly possible to work on the move, even abroad. We thus profile ourselves as an attractive employer. »

Why are fewer and fewer young people opting for accounting training?

Paul: The cliché of the ‘severe accountant’ has a hard life. Even if it no longer corresponds to reality. The days when accountants primarily entered invoices manually are over. Many repetitive tasks are now automated. Today, the accountant is in fact an advisor who supports clients in every step of his business. We get to know our customers very closely. We are a kind of steward for them. »

Why did you opt for a comparative salary analysis precisely now?

Paul: “We wanted to pursue our growth ambitions, but we were still too often in the dark when it came to compensation market compliance. Our salary packages lacked structure, and we had no view of the competition. We negotiated with each individual candidate, at the head of the client, therefore. »

How did the implementation go with existing staff?

Charlotte: “To introduce a new salary policy, clear communication with employees, as well as their involvement, is essential. I always do this communication myself, because experience shows that employees place more faith in external consultants. Our independence underlines the objectivity of the benchmarks.

Paul: I always say: ‘to each his own job.’ When it comes to wage policy and benchmarking, payranked is the absolute expert. This reassures my employees that the new wage policy did not fall from the sky, but is based on correct and reliable figures. »

Would you recommend this solution to other accounting firms?

Paul: “Absolutely! All salary discussions have been settled in advance, providing peace of mind. A first evaluation will be carried out in October. We will then see where we stand financially. Did we achieve the set objectives or not? Depending on the operating results, the annual increase will then be determined. The distribution keys in this area have already been defined. It’s an objective way to compensate and reward based on growth.

Do you also want to reward your employees through a supported salary policy or work with reference figures? Contact us engineer salary Singapore. We will be happy to help you.



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