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Overhyped Technologies in the Technology Industry

Unfortunately, top executives in the tech industry are sadly prone to infatuation, especially when it comes to emerging technologies. A lot of CIOs do like new technology but they want it to deliver. They prefer receiving the right advice on expectations of right sizing for each technology in their sights.

Hence, Chief Information Officers today now have the mantra ‘No technology just for the sake of technology itself.’

Then again numerous other technology enthusiasts get smitten and charmed with the newest software, newest tool or by the latest leap in digital innovation. When they get caught in the buzz, they can hence convince themselves (or fool themselves) that a hyped technology has something of great value for their company.

Do Chief Information and technology officers get infatuated with any new technology coming in the market?

The World of technology is strewn and littered with numerous kinds of technologies. These technologies can transform daily human life as it is known. Professionals from a mobile app development company in Dubai with a partner office in Abu Dhabi explain that similar environments of hype based cycles have periodically arrived and departed.

While numerous technologies  can convince CTOs and CIOs that they are the best, in honesty, they are not usually that great.

Each technology needs to be thoroughly examined and evaluated, before it is brought to the company. Its drawbacks, pitfalls, advantages and core features need thorough evaluation. Hence, strategic and transformational IT leaders understand differentiating between dreams, infatuations, nightmares and reality.

Examining overhyped technologies one by one

Keeping this in mind, numerous CIOs and CTOs were interviewed to share their views, thoughts and expertise about technology, and check which one is overhyped and which is not. Let us now have a look at various technologies in the market which are sadly overhyped:


Metaverse has generated a lot of buzz and a lot of excitement. But sadly that does not make it worth its money. Numerous CIOs are happy as it is the most overhyped technology. A lot of enthusiasts of metaverse, include vendors who have shares in its promotion. Unfortunately, they are guilty of creating a false sense that this technology will benefit everyone. 

Not everyone is buying such a claim. Metaverse has brought wonderful additions to augmented reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and extended reality (XR). Yet, it still is yet to change the way people live their lives.


Blockchain is also overhyped, as the technology has not been as transformative as per its hype. It sounded quite good in the beginning and it has existed for almost a decade. It has become difficult for most companies to prove its worth and usability.

Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is also overhyped unfortunately. Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and blockchain are supported by Web 3.0 but the problem is that this technology does not have any good and worthwhile use cases to prove its worth.

No company wants to be left behind when they are figuring out how to use a particular technology for their benefit and whether or not alternative technologies are much better. At the moment, numerous smart cities projects are utilizing Web 3.0, some of its features and software to an extent.

Web 3.0 definitely looks promising but the problem is that technology which is dependent on big infrastructure,  or multiple parties is something for which the world is not ready. It requires a lot of people, gadgets and technological items for support.

Moreover, the workforce skills, bandwidth and loads of agreements needed to keep it running are simply insane.

Cloud servers, computing and cloud based solutions

Enterprises have been adopting cloud computing and associated solutions at a higher rate. This has been accelerated since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. The technology was planned quite some time ago and large scale cloud has been in the works since 2016. It has proven its value thanks to the strategic solutions it offers.

But there is a problem. Some CIOs are not convinced about the benefits of cloud technologies. They see this tech as a lift and shift tactic by enterprise IT departments and software makers. The solution is yet to be modernized in a meaningful manner.



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