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Online Nursery: Native Australian Plants for Sale


The first and most extensive online nursery in Australia, Online Plants offers plants to all retail clients in the nation at the most competitive pricing. All of our plants are covered by our unique “one year, promise to grow” policy. Over 10,000 plant species and sizes are recorded in our online plant catalogue, which we continually add to with new photos, release variants, and cultural data.

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You’ve arrived at the proper location. Online Plants offers a wealth of knowledge and a sincere passion for plants with more than 50 years of gardening experience. We like helping you with landscaping upkeep. Email us using the store. It has never been so easy to purchase plants. Purchase garden plants from Online Plants Melbourne for the convenience of your own home. Online plant purchases are delivered to your home directly from the growers.


Using our plant boxes, which will be delivered right to your home, you may begin your own native plant initiative. We are the go-to online nursery for a constantly changing variety of popular, elusive, and unusual native species. In Merricks on the Mornington Peninsula, our team cultivates superior tube stock with enthusiasm so that our Native Plant Boxes may be expertly packaged and sent to gardeners in the area and worldwide. The plants meet my demands and are reasonably priced. The plants were broken, one with a fracture at the base, and the other needed attention since its leaves were turning yellow.

For more than 20 years, we’ve been cultivating plants at our Sunshine Coast nursery for licensed landscapers and horticulturists. We started our company in the winter of 2013 to directly provide our plants to backyard gardeners across Australia and allow everyone to profit from our exceptional value garden plants. We can offer low-cost plants to which you would otherwise have to pay excessive prices since our propagation division is recognised for successfully reproducing even the most difficult plants. To provide you with the most extensive selection possible, we purchase some of our plants from reputable, specialised nurseries and cultivate the bulk of them ourselves at the nursery.


In addition to regular shipping across the rest of Australia, Plants in a Box, located in Currumbin Valley, Queensland, provides free same-day delivery to the Gold Coast region. You may almost certainly discover the plant you’re looking for thanks to the more than 500 varieties of indoor and outdoor plants accessible online. The website is simple to navigate, with sections for “indoor” and “outdoor” clearly delineated, as well as more in-depth subcategories for novice plants, larger plants, pet-friendly home plants, and low-water plants, to name a few. You may also purchase accessories like pots and planters.


Art director Lauren Camilleri, who also runs the plant and design company Domus Botanica, and floral and plant designer Sophia Kaplan are the self-described “loving parents” of Leaf Supply. The Sydney-based plant-obsessed couple peruses neighbourhood nurseries in the early morning hours in quest of the healthiest and most attractive greens, which they subsequently pot in unique and frequently handmade ceramic containers. Leaf Supply delivers to a few areas of Sydney from Monday through Friday. On their website, you may get a list of the suburbs and the shipping costs connected with each one.


Although most people associate adaptation with animals, plants may also undergo transformation. For instance, trees’ tall size and large leaves aid in their ability to take in sunlight. Today, we’ll focus specifically on the development of Australian desert vegetation. Water conservation is one of these species’ most crucial responses to hot and dry conditions.



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