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online casino deposit without money for the real money india

A no deposit bonus can be different depending on the casino or the bookmaker and also the same gambling or 22Bet sports betting operator can offer different types. Usually it is an amount of real money that the casino ‘gives’ to the user at the time of registration, as a prize after a certain time playing in the casino or to capture the attention of users and invite them to enjoy the games without have to contribute their own money. In all cases, the operator sends the user an email with a code that can be exchanged for the amount of money on the page of the casino or online bookmaker.

It should be remembered that the operator does not earn anything by offering these no deposit bonuses. That is why the operators of legal and regulated online casinos and bookmakers in Spain are very interested in the fact that each of these bonuses can only be used by a single user. That is to say: in order to collect, you must be able to prove your real identity, as we will explain later in the terms and conditions in the point ‘How to collect no deposit bonuses’.

Casino no deposit bonus types

Each casino or bookmaker can offer different types of no deposit bonuses to users, both newbies who want to discover gambling, and those who have been enjoying the online casino for a long time. Let’s see what each one is characterized by and what makes them so special and desired.

welcome bonus

The welcome bonus is exactly that: a bonus that the website gives to the user at the time of registration. The purpose of this promotion is twofold: on the one hand, the user is invited to try the casino by giving him real money that he can collect in case of winnings. On the other hand, the casino obtains the email and, sometimes, the user’s telephone number for marketing purposes.

This type is usually for a relatively small amount that can range between €10 and €50 and may be subject to limitations. For example, there are casinos where this bonus cannot be used on any game, but only on some. It is also possible that among the conditions is to wager that promotion a certain number of times during a specific time. In any case, the higher the conditions, the higher the welcome bonus.

Economic bonus

Operators sometimes offer a proportional bonus in the form of money depending on the economic contribution made by each user. This promotion without a deposit is aimed at users who make their first economic contribution to play, or at all those who have been playing for a long time.

Usually the casino provides a percentage of what the user contributes as a bonus. Let’s see it with an example: if the casino offers a 50% bonus, if we contribute €100 to play, it will give us an extra €50. In total we will have €150 available for bets.

Unlike the welcome bonus, this type has no limitations within the casino and can be used on any game.

free spins

Another option offered by operators to capture the attention of users interested in gambling is free spins. This type offers a specific amount of free spins on a specific slot machine. Depending on the casino, this bonus is offered alone or in combination with another no deposit bonus.

There are operators that offer combined packages of two or more ‘no deposit bonuses’ for new users. For example: a package could be a Welcome Bonus of €20 + 50% of the money of the 1st contribution in bets + 75 free spins on a slot machine.

play for free

Without a doubt the most popular option to get started in games is ‘play for free’. Many online casinos offer this to all users: versions of certain games in which virtual bets can be placed. This option has two objectives, the first is, obviously, to attract new users to the casino, and the second is that users can gain skills in the different games before starting to make real bets.

Among the most popular free casino games we find slot machines , bingo, poker, card games, baccarat, roulette or blackjack, among others.

How to collect no deposit bonuses – Terms and conditions

As we have indicated at the beginning, the conditions that the casinos impose are very rigorous. They intend to prevent the same user from receiving more than one no deposit bonus using false identities or multiple emails. No deposit bonuses have specific requirements that will always be available for consultation and that must be clear and understandable to the user.

In case you want to collect, the main thing will be to be able to prove your identity. If the casino or the bookmaker is not able to confirm your real identity, you will not be able to collect the bonus regardless of the winnings achieved.

How to compare no deposit bonuses?

Surely you have already realized that the offer of no deposit bonuses for Spanish casinos is overwhelming and they are constantly renewed! Don’t go crazy, there are a number of objective comparison factors that you can use to choose the best one. In the following lines we show you what to look for to easily choose the best no deposit bonus:

low rollover

How to clear a no deposit bonus? Fulfilling the rollover, or what is the same, the wagering requirements that the casino imposes as a rule in order to collect the benefits you get when playing with the bonus.

Usually you have to wager the bonus amount a certain number of times (between 10 and 25 is feasible) within a certain time frame and only playing certain games or with certain bets.

Slots are usually always accepted, while others with a higher RTP such as blackjack or baccarat may be excluded. And the same thing happens with bets on simple luck in roulette, such as red/black or even/odd, whose benefits do not count towards releasing the bonus.

What is the rollover of a bond

Let’s see how it works with an example. Imagine that two different casinos offer you a €12 no deposit bonus to be released in 15 days. While one operator encrypts the rollover at x10, the other tells you that to release it you have to meet a rollover of x50.

That means that while in the first casino it will be enough for you to play until you bet €120 (€12 x10), in the second you will have to bet the €12 4 times more (€12 x50), or what is the same, play a total of €600.

Chances are that in the second case, unless you hit a jackpot, you’ll end up losing your bonus balance before you get to €600 in two weeks.

Size does matter

Obviously, the higher the amount of a no deposit bonus, the more tempted we are to try and get it. But is more really always better? Again, it all depends on what your goal is. If you are going to try to free it, it is as much a bonus of €6 with a rollover of X100 (€600) as a bonus of €50 with a rollover of x12 (€600).

Of course, if what you want is to use it to test games as if you were sports betting with real money, always choose the highest and with the longest term.

Banned Games

We have already commented on this when talking about rollover, but the truth is that the restrictions of no deposit bonuses both to release and to bet on certain games go much further.

The terms and conditions of the no deposit bonuses usually establish what percentage the games available in the different sections compute at the time of releasing the money. The normal thing is that no game with 98% or more of RTP computes, or if it does, it does not count at 100%.

Now let’s say you sign up for a no deposit bonus to try out a poker table, a progressive jackpot slot, a live roulette or to place odds bets, but… the casino has banned these types of games unless you use money from the balance deposited in your account. That is why it is important to be well informed of the conditions of a bonus before launching for it.

Withdrawal with minimum limit

In the section dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) or directly in the Deposit and Withdrawal Methods section, you can find the minimum limit that the operator allows you to withdraw from your account. This figure does not have to coincide with the minimum amount accepted for deposits, and can be between €5 and €30.

Maximum prize available for no deposit bonuses

What if I win the jackpot of a slot playing with my no deposit bonus money? In that case you better not exceed the maximum prize you can win according to the conditions of the bonus.

Balance bet order

You never know when your lucky streak will start. That is why you should always know what money you are playing with and under what conditions. The operators indicate which balance will be used first to play, and the amounts that correspond to each bonus or money deposited when you consult your account status.

casino reputation

By playing in a Spanish casino registered with the DGOJ you can be sure that the operator complies with the law. And in the event of a problem, you can go directly to the DGOJ to file a complaint.

But it doesn’t hurt to look at the opinions of other players and test the casino’s policies to see if, for example, they are transparent or not when it comes to letting you see the conditions of a registration bonus before giving them your data.



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