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The 7 Most Non-Alcoholic Exotic Drinks You Should Definitely Try

On a hot summer day, there is nothing as relaxing as refreshing tropical drinks. For people who do not like any alcoholic drink, here is the best option for them. As the summer season is approaching, we all are really excited to try out the different drink recipes. But, some of us do not like any alcoholic drink. So, here we mentioned the most non-alcoholic exotic drink for them, who like to try an alcohol-free drink.  Here is the best option for them—

Mexican Candy Shot:

A Mexican candy shot is best for a party at night. It is a perfect exotic drink just to chill with your friends. It is a fruit juice which is made from lots of fruits. You can’t miss the chance to enjoy a tropical taste of mexican candy shot. With different flavors, it has a sweet slightly Sicily taste. The exotic candy shot is made with lots of fruit flavors and a pinch of chili powder.

Fruit Loops:

Fruit loops is an alcohol-free drink with a twist. As it is an alcohol-free drink, kids are also trying its yummy taste. To make the exotic drink, the most used elements are pineapple juice, orange juice, cranberry juice, simple syrup made with grenadine syrup, citrus twist, ice, and maraschino cherry. The citrus fruits and maraschino cherry are basically usedd for garnish the drink.

Mint-pineapple Hawaiian:

This is an alcohol-free take on a mojito. This non-alcoholic exotic drink is made with fresh pineapple and fresh grape juice. It is a healthy and natural drink. As it is an alcohol-free drink, kids also try this one and enjoy it. To make this exotic drink, add mint leaves, simple syrup made with sugar, limes juice, pineapple juice, club soda, and ice. After making the drink, you can garnish it with an umbrella. For more Information https://hottestnewstoday.com/

Non-Alcoholic Bahama Mama:

With this non-alcoholic exotic drink, feel yourself in the Bahamas. Enjoy the tropical taste of this famous exotic drink with your friends. Bahama Mama is an alcoholic free rum cocktail. It surprisingly comes from the Bahamas. To make the rum cocktail, add pineapple juice, squeezed orange juice, squeezed grapefruit juice, lemon-lime soda, ice, and grenadine. You can use orange slices for garnish.


During the summer season, you can also try one. It is specially made with fresh lemon juice and simple syrup made with sugar. To make this exotic drink, the most used ingredients are water, sugar, and lemon juice. Combine the simple syrup with lemon juice and chill them for a few minutes. It is a healthy and alcohol-free drink that kids are also like to drink.

Jamaican Lime Water:

It is a refreshing and delicious non-alcoholic drink. During those hot summer days, you can also try this exotic drink for freshness. The no-alcoholic drink actually made with lemon. To make the drink, the most used elements are fresh limes juice, water, a dash of bitters, simple syrup made with sugar, ice, mint sprigs, and lime slices.

Goldrush Cocktail:

The Goldrush cocktail is most popular in New York City, as it is created in this city. It is a very simple drink. It is an alcohol-free drink. People who are not like to drink alcoholic drinks can try this one at least. The drink is made with bourbon, fresh lemon juice, and honey syrup. You can serve this cocktail during your mealtime. Take a look at the jimmy johns menu for your favorite dishes that you can try with this Goldrush cocktail.

So, in the article, there we mentioned the 7 of the best alcohol-free drinks that you should try. Hope it will help you.



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