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Things you should know before the going for nightfall treatment

Nightfall is a very common problem; which mostly a lot of youngsters go through. In this problem generally, men and women orgasm in bed at night; during they sleep. And thus, this problem is also commonly known as wet dreams. As if you go through the problem of nightfall they usually are wet in the morning; with some sticky discharge. If a person goes once in a while through the problem of Nightfall; then it is generally nothing big to worry about. However, if you go by the problem of nightfall; quite frequently; then you must meet your sexologist soon for nightfall treatment.

Things you should know before the going for nightfall treatment

So, if you want to know all about the problem of nightfall; and the nightfall treatments of it. Read down on this article till the end.

Some Myths about Nightfall-

  1. Nightfall only occurs in men- There is a myth that revolves around a lot of people; that only men go through the problem of nightfall. Also, that a man should be shameful; if he goes through it. However, the truth is even women go through this problem; and it is just a process to release the extra sperms from the body. So it is completely normal to have the problem of nightfall sometimes.
  2. Nightfall makes you weak- It is a very popular myth; which most people believe. As it says that the problem of nightfall reduces the immunity of a man; and also reduces the sperm count in him. However, there is nothing like that. As nightfall just removes the extra sperms from the body and nothing else.
  3. The problem decreases the size of the penis- A lot of people also believe, that the problem of nightfall reduces the size of the penis. However, the fact is that nothing can increase and decrease the size of the penis. Also, healthy sexual life is not dependent on the size of the penis.

Causes of Nightfall in men-

There are various causes which can make the problem of nightfall, more frequent. However, if you have doing proper nightfall treatment then you can control some of them. You can find little relief in the problem of nightfall in you. However, some of the very common causes of nightfall in men and women are as follows-

  1. If you are too much involved in sexual activities; as you think about it, talk about it and fantasise about it a lot.
  2. By any chance is there is excessive rubbing of your genital areas; on your sheets or bed then it can also lead to involuntary emission in bed.
  3. Seeing sexually explicit content just before going to bed; can lead to having sexual dreams in you. Which can also lead to the problem of nightfall in men.
  4. Also, if during intercourse; or sexual activity, the man is unable to ejaculate out fully; due to weak nerves. This also leads to the problem of nightfall sometimes.
  5. Going to bed with a full bladder at night can also cause the problem of nightfall; thus it is recommended by doctors to always empty your bladder and go to bed.
  6. Extreme inactivity physically, stress, anxiety and depression can also lead to nightfall.
  7. Self-conscious image and confidence issues in men; are also some common reasons for nightfall.
  8. Inflammation in the prostate area.
  9. There are weak muscles in the genital areas.

Nightfall Treatment Options-

There are a lot of ayurvedic nightfall treatment like medicines and lifestyle changes; which a man can do. To help you get out the problem of nightfall. So, the best is to consult a sexologist in Delhi before you go for any nightfall treatment. Also, make sure to follow the nightfall treatments and the changes for at least 2-3 months; to see visible changes in you.

  1. Do not watch any sexually explicit content just before you sleep; rather also stay away from all kinds of digital mediums; for around 1 hour before you sleep.
  2. To relax and calm your mind before sleeping. Try doing some yoga and meditation exercises. Which will help you relax your mind and will help you through the problem of nightfall.
  3. Try taking a long hot shower before you sleep; this will also help you feel calm and will make you sleep easy and hard.
  4. Empty your bladder before you go to sleep at night.
  5. As if your genitals touch the bedding and sheets; and can also stimulate the process of nightfall. Try not to sleep on your chest; rather sleep in a side pose or fully straight. Which will reduce your contact of genitals to bed.
  6. Start having a balanced diet, which includes different types of minerals, vitamins and fibres. Also, make sure that you have very light and easy to digest meals; before you to bed.

Home remedies of Nightfall Treatment-

  1. Having juice of the leaves of bottle guard; can help in insomnia and reducing erections at night. Thus, have the juice every night before you go to bed to sleep.
  2. Eating yoghurt also do miracles; by helping you avoid the problem of nightfall. Thus, have 2-3 bowls of yoghurt every day; to control your problem of nightfall.
  3. Sage tea has also been shown to reduce the problem of nightfall effectively. Thus, including the tea in your routine and having it daily for 2 times, won’t harm you.
  4. Gooseberries- Since ancient times; gooseberries have been used to reduce the condition of nightfall. As the berries contain a lot of antioxidants which help in controlling the problem of nightfall in men.
  5. Even if after trying everything; you are not able to reduce the problem of nightfall in you. Then you should immediately consult a sexologist and take his guidance on the further process.

Take Away-

A lot of men and women go through the problem of nightfall. And according to studies; everyone goes through it at least once. However, having the problem sometimes is quite normal; and is more persistent in youngsters. But even if as you age the problem of nightfall does not reduce and is quite often in you; then you should consult a sexologist for nightfall treatment. Also, Dr Chirag Bhandari is the best sexologist in Delhi; he has helped many of customers by treating their intimate issues successfully. So, book an online appointment with him immediately. If you need any other information about him; or the hospital, then check it out on “IASH India“.



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