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New experience in space kitchen

In the past two years, the air fryer can be said to be the new favorite of young people’s kitchens, because it is small in size, does not occupy a lot of space, and is easy to use. We recommend a brand new Joyoung Space Air Fryer VF736 for everyone. With the blessing of space technology, it can bring us more healthy and delicious food. Charles Bentley Discount Code and Charles Bentley Discount Code NHS

Joyoung Space Air Fryer VF736 adopts space technology & three-dimensional hot air circulation heating technology. The built-in baking pan adopts the design of open hurricane air duct and 4 turbine guide ribs, so that the ingredients can be heated evenly without turning over, let us When you don’t need to cook, you can turn the food in front of the fryer. With the addition of 9 spiral fan blades, the food has a higher rate of degreasing and no burden to eat. It is quite useful for fitness people.

In order to make the food more tender and delicious, a 304 stainless steel metal steam cup is also equipped on the baking pan, which releases water vapor during baking, replenishing moisture for the ingredients at any time, and ensuring the taste of the food. At the same time, it also adopts space technology & zinc oxide antibacterial technology, and the pot body with antibacterial coating of oxidized whiskers can ensure that the food cooked is safer and more secure to eat. NordicTrack Discount Code

The top of the fryer has a circular visual window design, which can directly see the ingredients in the pot. There is no need to repeatedly open the lid to confirm the cooking status of the food in the pot, avoiding the embarrassment of overturning. At the same time, there is an electronic touch screen on the top, which has a variety of cooking modes to choose from. It will automatically recommend suitable temperature and time according to cooking needs.

Coupled with the large capacity of 5.5L, it can meet the needs of 3-8 people at the same time. There is no need to cook in batches for dinner parties, which greatly saves our cooking time.

In addition to the excellent user experience, Joyoung Space Air Bomb VF736 also considers the details very comprehensively. It supports automatic power-off protection when the cover is opened in the middle to protect our use safety; the 90-degree buckle stops softly to prevent falling and avoid clipping. The hand and bottom anti-slip foot pads can avoid slipping and make the placement more stable; the double-ear anti-scalding handles can effectively insulate the heat and make it safer to take. Joyoung Space Air Fryer VF736 can be described as a product that protects us from cooking, eating and using safety. If you are planning to buy an air fryer, you may wish to pay attention.


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