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NBA 2K22 – Season 7’s Clutch Time Reward, ‘Dark Matter’ Fernando Martin!

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Clutch Time has seen itself become a massive hit amongst fans of NBA 2K22’s MT players since its introduction back in December 2021, and Season 7’s latest grand prize for the mode comes in the form of former Portland Trail Blazers’ impressive Power Forward/ Small Forward, Fernando Martin!

Fernando Martin was amongst NBA’s iconic players throughout the 80s, playing for the likes of Real Madrid and Portland Trail Blazers.

A Spanish basketball player, Martin served exceptionally in the court, and he is now selected to be the grand prize for ranking your way up through MT’s famous mode, Clutch Time!

In Season 7: Return of Heroes, Martins re-enters the court with his extraordinary ‘Dark Matter’ Player Card, showcasing great stats like:

(PF/ SF) Fernando Martin’s Dark Matter ‘Clutchtime Reward’ Player Card: OVR 99

  • Close Shot (Shooting): 98
  • Vertical (Athleticism): 98
  • Stamina (Athleticism): 98
  • Post Moves (Inside Scoring): 98
  • Hands (Inside Scoring): 98

Martin also possesses insane Badges too, some of them being:

  • Finishing
    • Acrobat (Hall of Fame)
    • Backdown Punisher (Hall of Fame)
    • Dream Shake (Hall of Fame)
    • Fast Twitch (Hall of Fame)
    • Fearless Finisher (Hall of Fame)
    • Many others!
  • Shooting
    • Catch and Shoot (Gold)
    • Corner Specialist (Gold)
    • Deadeye (Gold)
    • Green Machine (Gold)
    • Hot Zone Hunter (Gold)
    • A few others
  • Playmaking
    • Dimer (Hall of Fame)
    • Downhill (Hall of Fame)
    • Handles for Days (Hall of Fame)
    • Hyperdrive (Hall of Fame)
    • Post Playmaker (Hall of Fame)
    • Tons more!
  • Defensive
    • Ball Stripper (Hall of Fame)
    • Box (Hall of Fame)
    • Brick Wall (Hall of Fame)
    • Clamps (Hall of Fame)
    • Hustler (Hall of Fame)
    • Many more!

If you’re looking for a fresh face inside your own MT squad, Fernando Martin could be the player that you’re looking for.

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