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Most helpful books on construction and construction engineering

There are numerous books that are available in the market which can help a person to learn about construction engineering. And needless to say, whether you are enrolled in advanced building and design engineering courses in Chennai or Delhi or are just curious about construction in general, these books can act as a great guide. The books differ from each other, and depending on a person’s preference and expertise, he/she may prefer one over another. Which will be the best book for me? It is hard for an individual to answer this question since everyone has different preferences. Therefore, below are some of the best construction engineering books to help you choose one according to your requirement. 

  1. Fundamentals of Building Construction

This book is a classic and offers a complete overview of how buildings are built from the ground up. The authors cover every aspect of building construction, from foundations to roofing systems, and even discuss how to lay out your house plan. This book is one of the best engineering books because it provides an in-depth look at building construction.

  1. Materials for Civil and Construction Engineers

This book is a great resource for civil engineers who want to learn more about building materials. It discusses everything from concrete to glass, as well as other materials used in construction projects. This book also includes information on how these materials are used during different stages of construction projects so that you can get an idea of what’s involved when designing a new structure or building renovation project.

  1. Construction Safety Management and Engineering

This book offers a comprehensive introduction to construction safety management. The author uses a case study approach to explain the concepts of safety in different types of construction projects, from small residential homes to large commercial skyscrapers.  It is packed with information on how to prevent accidents, how to handle them when they do occur and how to make sure that your company is doing everything it can to ensure that everyone on site is safe. The book also includes chapters on on-site safety, workplace safety, accident prevention, health and safety at work Regulations and their compliance, the importance of risk assessments and the process of identifying risks at an early stage.

The text is divided into five main sections: site safety, workplace safety, hazard identification and control; occupational health and safety; and accident prevention. Each section is further subdivided into smaller chapters based on the type of project being discussed.

The book contains a number of diagrams, tables, charts and graphs that help illustrate the concepts discussed in each chapter. It also provides suggestions for further reading about topics related to each section of the text. 

  1. Productivity Improvement for Construction and Engineering

This book tells you everything you need to know about productivity improvement in the construction industry. If you want to increase the amount of work done by your team or if you just want to find out how you can improve your own efficiency, then this book is for you! It gives practical advice on all aspects of productivity improvement, including ergonomics, tools, and technologies, staff training etc. The most reliable e building design courses In Bangalore often recommend this book as supplementary material along with the course material. Check out this page for more info.



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