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Monkey Holding Box? Google Confused Black Youngster With Monkey


Searching for terms like “monkey holding box” on Google has been known to produce some very bizarre results. The most common reason is that the term “monkey” was misspelled as “monkeying.” In other cases, it seems that there are websites that were built with a search engine optimization strategy in mind (i.e., they want their content to appear highly in Google’s search results) and thus added these words into their meta tags (which have no direct impact on how your website appears in Google Search). But this doesn’t explain everything…

Google Search & Monkey Holding a Box Blunder

Google search for a monkey carrying a box blunder has been the talk of the town. The most talked about topic on social media is Google search and monkey holding a box blunder. People are going crazy over it, so if you don’t know what this means then read on:

If you type in “how to solve a rubix cube” into Google, it gives you suggestions like “how to solve rubix cube with pictures” or “solve rubix cubes for free online.” But when someone searched for how to solve a Rubik’s Cube, they got an entirely different result altogether — one that had nothing to do with solving puzzles!

Reasons for Monkey Holding a Box Post

  • Google search box error
  • Google search box bug
  • Google search box glitch
  • Google search box bug fix
  • Google search box fix


The post is a great example of why SEO is so important. Google has made a number of changes to its search algorithm that have impacted the way we find information on the internet, and this article shows how those changes can affect us as marketers. Hopefully, this article has helped you to better understand what’s going on with your site, and how you can make it better in the future.

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