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Mistakes to Avoid while Buying Plantations from a Plant Nursery

Gardens in the house are considered to enhance the magnificence of the place. A bushy, green and colorful garden appeals the eyes of the homeowners and the visitors and relieves them from stress. A beautifully maintained garden rewards the nature and helps in relaxing in the arms of mother nature.

No doubt upkeep of garden calls for some extra efforts and time, yet if taken up as a hobby is highly beneficial for your health as it relieves you from stress and acts as an anti-depressant. It is not necessary to purchase an extra piece of land to build up a garden; you can simply make one in the unused areas of your house or maybe on rooftops. Rooftop gardens are equally appreciated and improve the appearance of the roof.

You can either make a kitchen garden or landscaping done at your place. May it be any type or form of the garden; you just need to be careful with the soil and the type of plants to be planted in your garden. For many people tend to make mistakes while buying plantations from a plant nursery. The plants may look good and healthy at nurseries but may not go well with the environment of your house. There may be various challenging issues like inappropriate light, limited space or drainage that may obstruct the proper growth of the plants.

Here are some mistakes that you should avoid while purchasing plantations from plant nurseries near your place.

Look for Pests and Diseases:

Pests and bugs tend to spoil the plants in the garden. Before buying a plant at the nursery, adopt measures to detect the presence of pests on the plants. Look for pests and insects on the tip of the leaves or beneath them as these are the areas where they tend to hide and are often unnoticeable.  Another way to check for pests is to search for holes or black spots on the leaves.

Avoid buying the plants that are infected with pests as once they enter into your garden they will destroy the other plants as well.   

Avoid Leggy and Lanky Plants:

Leggy and lanky plants should be avoided as they may be the possible outcomes of the plants getting insufficient light or over fertilization. These kind of plants are weak and can be easily uprooted by strong winds or be broken while handling. They offer an invitation to pests and insects to feed on them and may destroy your garden completely.




Check the Leaves:

Do not be tempted to buy a plant that has beautiful flowers. Instead look for the plants that have green and healthy leaves. Generally, brown, yellow or tinted leaves give clear indication that the plant is unhealthy and infected by pests or some disease. Look for plants that have greener leaves without any holes or black spots on them.

Avoid Plants when they are in Full Bloom:

Full bloom plants are often tempting and look quite pretty. It is recommendable to avoid the plants that are in full bloom because these plants tend to die once they have bloomed. Despite, look for plants that are at budding stages and have vigorous growth.

Check the Roots:

Roots have a lot to say about the health of the plant. A strong and good root system of the plant ensures the health of the plant.  While buying a plant at the nursery, avoid plants whose roots are soft, brown in color and can be drawn apart easily with a slight touch or pull. Look for those plants that do not have shallow or young roots as they may portray the weak health of the plant.

In addition, you need to regularly maintain the garden and preferably buy plants from a reputes plant nursery.




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