SharePoint is a data sharing, collaborative, and information hosting platform developed by Microsoft. It was introduced in 2003 as a document management tool, evolving into a content management system.

The platform was the first system to create corporate intranets with the aim of connecting employees and enabling sharing and communication within the same company. The Microsoft SharePoint solution has a wide range of integrated functions. This software is a tool for businesses that helps them create professional websites accessible to employees of the same organization.

  • With the intranet, you can share and find documents with advanced search systems.
  • The data is cataloged and managed in an intelligent and functional way for the employee.
  • All the information that the company needs to transmit can be published and highlighted on each user’s homepage.
  • Pages can be created for each service including specific and enhanced features.
  • All business processes become much more fluid. It is possible to make requests such as holidays, illness, access to pays lips or social space, and much more.

Innovative and intelligent communication

It provides a centralized location to store documents and share them from that central location. You can download documents from the site or directly from the “Save As” action of the application you used to create the document. You can delete shared folders on servers and teach users to save documents to SharePoint lists and libraries.

Intelligent intranet content management

In addition to standard file server functionality, the SharePoint intranet can add more information to your files by using metadata to optimize the classification of your intranet files. Another strong point is the management and customization of access permissions to files, data lists, and each document.

These permissions are not only limited to the document but also to the folder, the web part, the page, the sub site, and the whole site that you manage. You can create pages and publish them online, or create a site for each service and enter different types of web parts such as blogs, notes, member lists, and document collections.

Here are some of the benefits your business can derive from using SharePoint intranet solutions:

 Document management and sharing

You can manage access and document sharing, and authorize consultation and modification only to the users you have selected, internal or external to your company. All tasks are perfectly synchronized with other users. Even the document management system is simple. You can edit your file directly from the browser using Microsoft Online apps.


The SharePoint intranet is not a social networking platform, but it has features that allow you to stay in touch and get to know your employees better. You can view your employees’ interests, responsibilities, and the people they work with.

The platform provides multiple tools to encourage communication. Yammer, the business social network par excellence, and Microsoft Teams for conducting meetings and discussing work are examples.

Integrated with Microsoft 365

SharePoint is a collaborative service that can be used as a Saas service as part of a Microsoft 365 subscription. It is the central application of the suite.

Management and collaboration functions are seamlessly interconnected with all other Microsoft tools to ensure a natural flow of communication.

Limited costs

If you already use Microsoft 365, you can start using the SharePoint intranet without worrying about spending money on another dedicated intranet service. If you are not already using the Microsoft cloud, you can acquire 1 license for email, cloud storage, and collaboration services. The business results will quickly be tangible as employees benefit from tools that improve work.

The intranet is the hub of your business. It provides collaborative spaces that provide employees with the resources needed to work together, news and information. With the SharePoint application, you will have your intranet at your fingertips: full access to company news and announcements, employee contacts, sites, and content accessible from anywhere!

Why you should use a SharePoint intranet for your business

Thanks to the developers of Microsoft SharePoint and its integrations, each company can customize its website to use all its features. SharePoint is the most accessible and immediate solution for setting up a corporate intranet where users can share information and collaborate. Thanks to its flexibility, Microsoft SharePoint allows you to create solutions adapted to the needs of your company. These are just a few of the reasons why you should consider using this application for your new intranet. There are many intranet providers, but they may cost you more time and money than you want to spend.

Al Rafay Consulting with its experienced team of professional experts is one of the best choices to help and guide you through all the processes of SharePoint intranet portal and other features that can help your business productivity.



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