What do you usually prefer to do when you’re having doubts about a friendship, a job opportunity, or your educational path? Do you also look for someone to mentor you? Seeking someone who has walked in your footsteps can be a terrific approach to get guidance from experts. Mentors are someone who are familiar with you and can provide an outside viewpoint. When I have doubts about my friendship or job, I often turn to my mentor for help, and I like seeing someone who is ready to be involved in a serious conversation. This article discusses various things to think about when choosing a mentor, as well as some frequent blunders to avoid.

What kind of mentor should you have?

Consider the type of person you wish to become while choosing a mentor. Find someone you respect and believe you could benefit from them in this stage of your life. Seek for someone ready to give their back to you or someone who has worked, struggled, and triumphed despite adversity life threw on them. If you admire a professor or a prior director, request them to mentor you. A mentor connection with your current manager, on the other hand, should be avoided because it might lead to clashes about interest areas and an imbalance in power. 

Please keep in mind that an educator and a mentor are two different things. Teachers help in teaching academic lessons, create content for online course builder apps and also empower students with necessary life skills. Mentors are intimate since they are familiar with your life and may offer more targeted advice. They take time out of their schedules to listen and converse. They will understand and respect you as much as you pursue your goals.

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While mentors can be buddies, they are frequently not the same as someone who could be a roommate. Mentors offer guidance and spend quality time with you, but they aren’t necessarily someone who should be asked over for movie night out. Mentors serve as personalized educators who offer advice and support. Setting appropriate boundaries regarding what you communicate with them is advised.

What Characterizes a Good Mentor?

Consider the attributes you value in a mentor while making your selection. You should not seek relationship counsel from a mentor who has a desirable career. Determine their expertise and speak with them to discuss it.

Search for people who have earned success in a variety of fields, but keep your talks focused. You may, for example, ask them for guidance if they have mentioned their marriage in relation to their profession and you are experiencing similar challenges or questions. However, it’s probably best to avoid questioning your accounting guru about just how he married his wife right away. I once moved the focus of a conference with a mentor from a business conversation about advertising to marriage advice. It didn’t bother my mentor, but we didn’t get around to discussing the topics we had anticipated. It’s important to keep focused on the information you sought for and to participate in discussions about it.

It’s All About the Timing

Finally, avoid asking for help from strangers when choosing a mentor. Some people are hesitant to offer advice or become affectively involved in the affairs of others without first building a relationship. It is just like asking a non social media user about how to promote your business on social media, as they are not regular social media users, it would be foolish of you to question them about some tips, therefore asking from random strangers can only increase your trouble.  First, get to recognize the individual with whom you wish to connect. Sign up for business hours or invite them to coffee to talk about relevant issues centered about what you already know about them to create a rapport. Don’t worry about asking them the question right now. Meeting someone outside of a job atmosphere or a classroom might provide a unique experience. Allow yourself to spend time getting to know the individual you wish to mentor.

I hope you’re feeling inspired and eager to seek out your first ever mentor and form a special bond! Starting with meetings in alternative weeks or monthly meetings will help you focus on building a more purposeful connection. I’d suggest starting with a monthly meeting and gradually increasing to a bi-weekly meeting. Mentors are a terrific method to learn about life issues from somebody who has already overcome it. Don’t be hesitant to be open about any of your concerns; the mentor may help you learn a lot if you let them!



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