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Men Can Look Their Best with a Variety of Fedora Hats

Gone are the days when a hat used to be a sign of status or class that men had to wear as a social norm! Today, the world of hats is expanding, and every man can choose one that’s comfortable and apt for them. Speaking of hats, we must mention the fedora hat because it is not just a famous hat type but also accessory men rely on to secure their heads from the sun’s scorching rays. 

If you are searching for men’s fedora, you will have several options to select from. It’s because, similar to most fashion accessories, even the fedora hats for men are available in multiple designs and styles. That aside, you should come up with the one that caters to your requirements in an easy way. Right from the pork pies to the straw fedoras, the options today are endless. 

So, are you thinking about which fedora hat you should opt in for? If yes, the following options can help you choose better. 

  • Straw fedoras

Even though traditionally, the Fedoras get made using felt, the straw fedoras are becoming very popular today. And these hats are stylish, comfortable to wear, and lightweight. That aside, the straw fedoras are just apt as a classy summer outfit, and they can cater to most of the social events, comprising races, polo, and beach weddings. 

  • Pork Pie fedoras

The fashion experts also call the pork pie as stingy brimmed that, draws its essence from a fedora hat. And owing to their distinctive appearance, the pork pies are easy to recognize. One of the most prominent pork pie features is the hat brim, which is turned up and short. Also, the hat styles can be made using several materials, using canvas, felt, cotton, and straw. 

  • The safari fedoras

The safari fedoras are much like the straw fedoras, just that the style is different. Several safari fedoras take on the structure of the Panama hat. However, others showcase a felt design, like the classic Indiana Jones style. The safari fedoras can also come with a thin leather band which usually gets designed in multiple shades of green, beige and brown. 

  • The wide brim fedora

The majority of conventional fedoras comprise of a brim that measures almost 6.4 cm wide. You can make this length much wider so that you can have an attractive and dramatic appearance. Also, other than appearing bold, the wide brim fedora can provide increased security from the sun’s harsh rays. 

  • The small brim fedora

Even though the Fedoras come with a very wide brim, you can also have access to the small-brim Fedora. It looks somewhat similar to the conventional Fedora other than the brim being slightly shorter. Owing to the short brim, it is one of the fedoras that you might confuse with the trilby hat. 

The celebrities who are fond of the fedora hat

Several celebrities have worn the fedora hat. Since these hats project class and sophistication, such hats are the best choice for celebrities. Hence, if you are searching for an inspiration regarding how to sport a fedora hat, you can take the inspiration from celebrities like Frank Sinatra, Harrison Ford, and Johnny Depp. 

  • Johnny Depp Fedora

Actor Johnny Depp is known for his bohemian dressing style. And right from the ripped t-shirts to fancy beaded jewelry, the actor showcases a rugged but chic sense of style that has inspired men for several years. His favorite accessory is the Fedora that you can sport as well. This eternal hat adds the best edge to the look, and it pairs apt with chin-length hair. 

  • Frank Sinatra Fedora

Frank Sinatra is a popular name if you are searching for the iconic fedora wearers. He is a Rat Pack member who was famous for wearing stylish hats all through his life. When it came to the Fedora, Frank Sinatra took on to the short-brimmed hat, made of dark felt, and that gave him an aesthetic look that provided him with a slight gangster edge. 

  • Harrison Ford Fedora

If you are searching for men who popularized the Fedora, you can’t forget Harrison Ford. The actor had embraced the safari fedora and essayed his character of Indiana Jones. His look was a source of inspiration for many. And today, this hat is as iconic as his character. It offers excellent inspiration for a stunning and rugged look. 

These are some of the popular Fedora hats that men can choose from. The task here is to recognize your style and choose the one that complements your persona. Once you do that, there is no looking back. Go ahead, make your selection and flaunt your fedora hat with complete confidence and elan.



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