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Marketing Is Not an Expense, It’s an Investment

You have to spend money to earn money. Existing on the internet and being noticed is paramount for the success of any endeavor. If your business is not on the first page of Google, you might as well not exist at all. Marketing becomes the cutting edge in the modern era of business and any investment made on those front pays for itself multiple times in the long run. Trying to cut corners and save on such an important asset can prove disastrous for any endeavor, and we are here to help you not to make such a grave mistake

1. SEO is king

Everyone wants to appear on the first page of Google, but few manage to do so. Why? Professional SEO is the answer because this vital part of any modern digital marketing is what can separate your company from all others. SEO knows the ins and outs of how Google works and can play to your advantage. There are countless ways to tweak and optimise your site for SEO advantages, and investing in SEO services and professionals saves you the hustle of doing it yourself. While it is entirely possible to learn SEO with the resources available online, the time, money and effort needed to do so are vastly outweighed by outsourcing or hiring a professional to do that for you.

2. Learning experience

Often, we hear about companies overspending on their marketing and having disastrous effects. While no one wants that, each campaign is a learning experience. Each failed campaign you can find online is a potential treasure trove of information. What works and what doesn’t? Which aspect of your company or product needs improvement? Which does not? Are there any niche market sectors that could use exploring?

All of these and more are invaluable information that marketing can provide and on which you can’t put a price. Finding your audience, growing your customer base and feeding information to the rest of your company all started with your marketing department. They are at the forefront of your operation and as such, are closely connected to your customers. Any info you gain from your active campaign will prove invaluable to your company in the long run.

3. Content creation

Besides a physical good or service, content is what drives the internet forward. Keeping your users invested and occupied requires quality content to keep them coming back to you and you only. What content is crucial to create? The one your customers respond the best to. Blog posts, YouTube videos, vlogs, twitch streams, and engaging and quality event management that get you results are what you need. Content creation can be a bit of a hit-and-miss tactic until you find the perfect recipe for what your customers want and what your comfort zone. When you find that perfect, sweet spot all you have to do is keep pumping out content. Speaking of which.

4. Consistency

Marketing is not a one-time thing that you invest for one month and forget about it. Keeping your business afloat is one thing, but keeping your name relevant is constant. Content needs to be produced at a steady rate, and your online presence needs to be constantly reinforced. Countless others are competing for your spot, and marketing is what will fend them off. Internet marketing can secure you a place at the top, but it will also make it so that you stay there. Following business trends, keeping one ear on the ground and making sure that your customer base expands is a daily struggle.

One example that we like to make is Coca-Cola. We have all heard about them as their marketing is constant. Over 70% of their budget goes to marketing, just so that they can remind everyone that they exist. Should they decide to cut or eliminate that, their brand would fall off and be forgotten. Even more, reasons to invest and keep investing in your digital marketing sector.

5. Lowering operating costs

We talked about investing and keeping that investment going but let’s touch on what you can gain and optimise from marketing. Once your strategy gets established and has been present for a while, your marketing can reach a certain point where it simply flows. The content becomes a daily routine, where you know exactly how much, where and when to post. Communication becomes streamlined, and a certain routine gets implemented.

Yes, initial marketing costs can be high, and you have to continuously invest in it. But over time, as routine settles in and you get all the info you need, marketing activities become streamlined, and the ROI it provides only increases. You no longer have to break new ground and re-invent the wheel. Reaching that spot can be considered a milestone or a foundation for your plans. Once you get to that point, all you have to do is build on it and expand.

6. Brand awareness and value

Get people talking! Word of mouth is golden and priceless and should be emphasized. Personal recommendations, spontaneous mentions and references bring more than you can calculate. When people start talking about your brand and notice you, among millions of others, that’s when you know you have succeeded. And it’s not possible without marketing as that’s the method that will get you inside people’s heads and into their posts.


Marketing campaigns are a marathon, not a spring. Diving in and overspending is the easiest thing to do but not the smartest. Start small and expand from there. Scaling your operation based on initial feedback is how you should get started with your digital marketing operations. Making any changes to your business is certainly better than stagnating. Bit by bit, you will be able to notice subtle differences in your daily operations. When you get the ball rolling, it eventually gains momentum and becomes a cascading effect. Success does not happen overnight, as all business owners know, and the same applies to your marketing strategy. Consistency is trump’s chance, so keep at it! We wish you all the best!



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