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Luvme Hair Throw on and Go Wigs: Effortless Hairstyles for Busy Individuals

throw on and go wigs have become a popular option among women. This is because it offers a quick styling option and is ideal for anyone with a busy schedule. With this wig, you don’t have to commit to treating your hair. Unlike regular wigs, throw on and go wigs are pre-styled and can be worn immediately.

Aside from saving you time, these wig types will save you money since you don’t have to spend on styling products. If you are new to wigs and want more information about these wigs, you are in the right place. This article will discuss important things you need to know about throw on and go wigs.

Table of Content

  • What is throw on and go wigs?
  • Examples of throw on and go wigs
  • Benefits of Luvme Hair throw on and go wigs
  • Where to Buy throw on and go wigs
  • How to Care for throw on and go wigs
  • Conclusion

What are throw on and go wigs?

throw on and go wigs are also known as ready to wear wigs; they are pre-styled with one-size-fits-all. They often have adjustments to ensure it fits your head. 

Examples of throw on and go wigs

Headband Wigs

Headband wigs feature a shawl-like material (mimics a headband) at the front part of the wig. The headband is placed over the hairline, making it look more natural. You wear this type of wig with the headband instead of using clips. In addition, you don’t have to apply any adhesive before wearing the wig. Hence it falls under the category of ready-to-wear wigs.

Glueless Wigs

According to its name, these wigs can be worn without any adhesive. Therefore you are safe from any allergy, and you can also save yourself some time. This is why it has become one of those wigs that have been widely accepted by women worldwide. The Glueless wig also looks more natural, and the styling is easier. You also don’t have to spend much time maintaining this wig; these amazing benefits make it fit as a ready-to-wear wig.

Undetectable Lace Wigs

These types of wigs are known to have wig bases that are undetectable. It is made from royal lace material (Swiss lace) and blends perfectly with the scalp. This means it will be difficult for people to know whether the hair is growing from your wig or not. These wigs feature clear, transparent, and soft lace and are designed for different skin tones.

Bob Wigs

Bob wigs are short, bobbed wigs designed for women who love short hair but wouldn’t want to cut their natural hair. It offers a classic and natural appearance with a unique clean-cut style. It can either be made from human or synthetic hair.

Benefits of Luvme Hair throw on and go wigs

Easy to Wear

This is the greatest perk of using a put on and go wig; it is easier to wear even for beginners. You don’t have to undergo the stress of using an adhesive or even a tape. In addition, they are pre-cut and pre-style, so you don’t have to worry about investing your time and money in hair styling.

Different Styling Options

throw on and go wigs are designed in different colors, textures, and styles, so there is something for everyone. You can always choose according to the occasion and your lifestyle. In addition, you can decide to choose a wig with a bang or select a different wig length. Irrespective of your choice, you have different options when it comes to put-on-and-go wigs.

Saves Time

This cannot be overemphasized; ready-to-wear wigs will save you much time. They are mostly the best option when you need to wear them before rushing out to work in the morning.

Affordable Prices

throw on and go wigs are also made of 100% human hair; however, that does not make them expensive. You can get them without breaking the bank. To get the best deal, you can compare different brands and choose the price that works for you. In addition, wig brands like Luvme Hair offer an afterpay option to help you buy any wig without paying in full at once.


If you are new to wigs and looking for a beginner-friendly option, ready to wear wigs are your best option. Before wearing the wig, you don’t need to disturb yourself with the complicated installation and styling process. In addition, they do not need much time and effort; hence they are perfect for beginners.

Where to Buy throw on and go wigs

Buying your wig from a reputable and reliable brand ensures you can access quality wigs at the best price. You can buy from a wig brand like Luvme Hair to enjoy such an advantage. Aside from accessing wigs are good prices, you also get to choose what you like.

How to Care for throw on and go wigs

Don’t Wash Often

This appliy to any type of wig. To extend the life of your wig, ensure you are not washing too much. Monitor the times you wash your wig; if it’s your everyday wig, you can wash it twice in 30 days. This is enough to help maintain their fresh look. However, if it is not your everyday wig, washing once in 30 days is enough. Washing your wig repeatedly will expose it to damage, reducing its lifespan. 

Use Sulphate-Free Hair Products

Another thing you should note is your choice of hair product. In general, you need to keep your wig moisturized through hair products. However, always ensure you only use sulfate-free conditioners and shampoos. They will mildly affect your hair, so your wig won’t risk any damage.

Avoid Heavy Oils

Lighter oils are advisable; you don’t want to put any weight on your hair. Besides, if you use heavy oils, you might have to deal with residues in your wig later.


throw on and go wigs are worth every money you spend on them. They will save you the hassle of styling your wig before wearing them. Every woman should have them in her hair collection; they always come in handy. In addition, they are made from human hair in different styles, so you can look natural with any style of your choice.



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