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Long lasting Tricks To Maintain And Prolong Upholstery Life

If you want to keep your upholstery items intact and good enough, you will have to understand that a few tricks will work in your favor. So, all you must do is follow a few tricks that can help to prolong upholstery life. These tricks are good enough and can provide you with the best solutions as such.

TIP 1: Vacuum Your Upholstery Once Every Week

You must understand that there would be dust on the upholstery and even on various surfaces of the home. It is therefore vital that you keep a habit to clean the home well. The upholstery should be vacuum cleaned every day or at least once a week. You will have to invest your time a bit. But if you do not have time then you can use the professional solutions for sure. Inquire with the professionals about what option is going to work for you, if you want to prolong upholstery life.

TIP 2: Flip The Cushions Whenever Possible 

If the upholstery has removable cushions then you must flip them. This will help you in keeping the cushions in good shape. There will be better conditions and durability than you can expect.

TIP 3: Get Deep Cleaning Done Once In A While

Once in a while, there should be upholstery cleaning to be done. If you are ready to do deep cleaning or vacuum cleaning or maybe spot and stain cleaning then you can do that. But, if you do not have time then you can take help of the professional solutions. They have the relevant tricks that can make your upholstery look new and this can also enhance the life span of the same.

TIP 4: Remove Stains With Spot Cleaning Methods

If there are food stains, oil stains, or pet stains on upholstery, then you need to clean the same quickly. If the stain is hard to remove then you can use solutions like vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, or baking soda. These home remedies can help in removing stains. If there are fresh stains then try to clean them as soon as possible. If these stains get dried up then there would be a problem in removing the stains.

TIP 5: Prevent The Upholstery From The Pets

The pets often make your upholstery dirty by rolling and playing. They may even urinate on the same. It is therefore vital that you take the relevant preventive steps. Training the pets well will help them in understanding that they should not play on dining chairs and couches. They should have a specific area where they can play. If you discipline the pets well, you will be able to prolong upholstery life.


Everyone would want to enhance the lifespan of the assets they invest in. For any home, upholstery makes a good amount of difference. It is, therefore, better to clean them well and also prevent them from pests. Hire Couch Cleaner Adelaide for  prolong upholstery life.



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