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Local SEO Best Practices for Large Enterprises

LocalSEO is powerful for both large and small businesses. If your business is not optimized for local search, you can miss out on future customers that want to shop in your area, as almost half of all Google searches are about local information. There are many SEO company in Banglore that can help your business stay relevant. Local SEO is crucial if you want your business to prosper.

What Exactly is Local SEO?

Local Search Engine Optimization is referred to the process of making search engine visibility better for local businesses. Local content, social profile pages, links, and citations are the signals on which search engines depend to offer the most appropriate local results to the users. 

Large enterprises can improve organic traffic by following local SEO practices. It will help them position their services to local customers looking for them. 

What Can You Do for Local SEO?

Many website design and development companies have started following local searches. Here are a few practices that have become the crème de la crème of local search-

  • Optimization for Google My Business– Google My Business is a tool introduced by Google to help your business meet Google’s needs. It can support and verify your services, but it needs to verify your business as authentic. Keeping your contact information and other operating hours info up to date and having reviews will enable a holistic experience for your potential customers while finding you. Providing your current updated information is critical to growing your business. 
  • Engaging in social media- Whatever content you share on social media is crucial since social media sites’ growing demand and use. Many SEO companies in Banglore consider keeping an engaging and interactive social media site an excellent strategy to expand the business. Sharing all your updates on various social media platforms can increase demand for your business. 
  • Ensure Your Information is Correct- To promote your business, you have to ensure that search engines and potential customers find you easily. Set up your name, address, and phone number as an HTML text on your site in the footer or header. Don’t include it within an image as they can’t be crawled from search engines. 
  • Directories and citations- All your information and citations should be correct. If Google cannot determine which info about your business is relevant and accurate, it may not show the name of your business at all in search results. 
  • Perform an Audit- SEO is undoubtedly an intuitive process that keeps going on. However, the top website design and development company recommend not stopping there and preparing to perform a comprehensive audit to check where your website stands and what you need to improve to achieve your goals quicker. 
  • Optimize Content- To get found in the search engine result pages, i.e., SERPs, you need to optimize the content by using a geographic search phrase or a high-volume keyword either in the URL or the title. You can also include it in the header, meta description, and body. If you are having a hard time coming up with a primary keyword, highlight customer case studies. 

Many reputable SEO companies in Banglorethat believe Local SEO is crucial In expanding your business. Therefore, follow these practices and watch your business grow. 

Challenges Faced by Enterprises

Unfortunately, everything cannot be perfect. There are several challenges that large enterprises face while planning a local SEO strategy, like-

  • Slow Decision-Making: 
  • As hundreds of people work in a large enterprise, making a decision is time-consuming. 
  •  A simple decision gets caught up by including several people who have nothing to do with the problem. Therefore, large enterprises are usually not much adaptive and flexible as small companies. 
  • Bystander Effect: Defining roles might be a problem in several large enterprises, which can lead to a lot of finger-pointing at the time of results.  It can create the diffusion of responsibility. 
  • Scalability- The biggest problem to overcome for large enterprises is volume. 

These are some challenges that some large SEO companies in Banglore face. 


There is nothing that a well-defined plan can’t solve. However, planning will help you produce a successful and scalable local SEO practice. Top website design and development companies believe that the above-listed obstacles can be overcome by following a structured plan.



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