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List of top 5 Countries That Allow Dual Citizenship- Read to know more 

Obtaining second citizenship by investment Dubai is a stage towards more opportunity. Double citizenship can give you more control and rights, regardless of whether that indicates added opportunity to travel to more nations, to live in different areas or the opportunity to pick the way of life that you wish.

What is Dual Citizenship? 

Double citizenship refers to an individual who is legally Considered as a resident in two nations at the same time. 

To make this significant advance, you have to know a couple of things, for example, which nations permit double citizenship and those that don’t. Surrendering your unique visa isn’t the perfect situation; however, exchanging one identification for another isn’t really an awful thing, which is the reason it is so basic to know all the data before settling on your choice.

Antigua and Barbuda 

In 2014, Antigua and Barbuda built up the resident by Investment program. You can turn into a resident of Antigua and Barbuda by making a donation of $100,000. You can likewise make an interest in the land business. Your interest in the land business have to be nothing not exactly a $200,000 Investment. The land Investment have to be a part of the legal support land Investment. Additionally, you can likewise turn into a resident by contributing at least $1,500,000 legally to a qualified business.

Saint Lucia 

Saint Lucia set up their citizenship by Investment program in 2015. To turn into a resident of Saint Lucia, you can either make donation of USD 100,000 or purchase land with least estimation of USD 300,000. 


Cypriot government has begun a few strategies to help interest in the nation. One of these strategies is the citizenship by Investment program. To turn into a resident of Cyprus, you have to put resources into various ways. You can either Invest 2 million Euros in private land in addition to a donation of 150,000 Euros or Invest 2.5 million Euros in business land in addition to a donation of 150,000 Euros. 


The democratic government of Dominican is the best citizenship by Investment program as far as advantages. Dominica is offering two distinct alternatives to get citizenship. One requires Government donation of 100,000 USD for the single candidate. In the second choice you can get a dual citizenship for your whole family with re-fundable interest in land for example 220,000 USD. To add to the rundown, the duties in Dominica are generally close to nothing. The extraordinary part of turning into a resident of Dominica by Investment is a less unpleasant Processing process. No language hurdles, no unpleasant meetings. One can get a Dominican identification while sitting in their nation as no physical residency needs.

For what reason Will I Consider Second Citizenship Programs? 

Citizenship By Investment Programs – Our Second citizenship program comes to play when one looks to be a resident of another nation, country or state. That nation will turn into another nation of origin for the individual. One contributes because of certain commitment or connections, for example, business, travel, marriage, training or the individual may wish to be a lawful individual from that nation.



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