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List of Nifty Companies 2023:

What is Nifty 50?

Nifty 50 is a level index of the Indian stock market. It signifies the prejudiced average of the highest 50 large-cap, most liquid stocks recorded on the National Stock Exchange products. As known as Nifty, the index is used for standard fund portfolios, index funds, and index-based byproducts.  The itemized stocks in the index stretch across thirteen financial zones, like economic services, healthcare, creation, and many more.

While the index has only 50 of the 2,113 corporations recorded on the NSE, it captures sixty-six percent of its float-adjusted market capitalization. Consequently, the Nifty 50 is observed as a correct replication of the Indian stock market agency. Nifty also has numerous sub-indices founded on dissimilar strength programs, sectors, or sections. Nifty IT, Nifty Next 50, Nifty Bank, and Nifty small-cap are approximately of the Nifty directories.

Features of the Nifty 50 Index:

  • Nifty is possessed and accomplished by India Index Services and Products (IISL) services.
  • The sordid year is 1995, and the sordid value is 1,000.
  • Nifty is a configuration of 50 large-cap stocks vigorously trading on the NSE.
  • The corporations in Nifty 50 are designated based on the free-float market capitalization.
  • Nifty 50 corporations have their place in diverse sectors.

Weightage of Nifty 50:

SectorWeight (%)
Financial Services37.72 %
Information Technology14.11 %
Oil, consumable Fuels, and Gas12.14 %
Fast Moving Goods of Consumer9.58 %
Auto Components and automobile5.28 %
Healthcare sector3.79 %
Construction sector3.43 %
Mining and Metal Sector3.36 %
Durables Of Consumer3.01 %
Telecommunication Centre2.41 %
Power Sector2.1 %
Materials of Construction1.94 %
Services0.63 %
Chemicals0.49 %

Nifty 50 is a free-float market capitalization directory. The segment weightage in the index retains varying based on the presentation of essential stocks. Some Nifty 50 company/sector List 2023 and their detail is described below carefully.

Nifty 50 Stocks List 2023:

NameSub-SectorMarket Cap (Rs. In cr.)Close Price(Rs.)
Adani Enterprise LimitedCommodities trading Sector2,14,177.71 cr.1,878.75 Rs.
Adani Ports & Special Economic Zone LimitedPorts Sector1,43,584.44 cr.664.70 Rs.
Apollo Hospital of EnterpriseHospital and also Diagnostic Centers63,074.02 cr.4,386.70 Rs.
Asian paints limitedPaints Sector2,72,607.84 cr.2,843.10 Rs.
Axis Bank LimitedPrivate Bank sector2,66,036.93 cr.864.55 Rs.
Bajaj Auto LimitedTwo Wheelers1,20,379.96 cr.4,254.35 Rs.
Bajaj Finance LimitedConsumer Finance Sector3,60,259.17 cr.5,961.45 Rs.
Bajaj Finsery LimitedInsurance Company2,13,314.38 cr.1,342.15 Rs.
Bharat Petroleum Corporation LimitedOil &Gas, Refining and Marketing72,592.30 cr.335.70 Rs.
Bharti Airtel LimitedTelecom Services Company4,38,093.45 cr.759,65 Rs.
Britannia Industries LimitedFMGG, Foods Sectors1,04,503.12 cr.4,338.60 Rs.
Cipla limitedPharmaceuticals sector73,164.17 cr.906.45 Rs.
Coal India LimitedMining, Coal1,41,496.24 cr.229.60 Rs.
Grasim Industries LimitedCement sector1,13,172.33 cr.1,723.65 Rs.
HCL Technologies LimitedIT Services and Consulting Company2,82,159.51 cr.1,042.20 Rs.
HDFC Bank LimitedPrivate Banks9,29,946.33 cr.1,666.65 Rs.
Hero MotoCorp LimitedTwo Wheeler49,279.48 cr.2,465.95 Rs.
Hindalco Industries LimitedMetals, Aluminum95,939.65 cr.428.70 Rs.



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