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Lipectomy: The Best Way for Buccal Fat Removal

Among all other Buccal Fat Removal processes, only two are the most common. Those are Lipectomy and Bichectomy. Do you know more than 70% of all the interested people are having Lipectomy as a surgery? Yes! Because they are happy with the performance they are giving.

What is the basic difference between Lipectomy and other fat removal processes? In this article, we are going to know about the process, lipectomy from the grass level. At the end of the article, you’ll be clear whether you should go with this or not.

What is Lipectomy?

Lipectomy is a Buccal Fat Removal process that helps in reducing the buccal fat layers from the buccal cavity. It sounds like other definitions of buccal fat removal surgeries. Two things make it different. Those are-

  • Not only does it remove the fat pads from the cavity but it also ensures to close the deposition of the fatty layers in the future.
  • Secondly, if your face is looking like an old and sunken type, the best solution is lipectomy.

These two characteristics are a very handful for most of the patients. Patients are happy with the impressive fast results. As you know what it is, let’s know how to do the surgery.

How the Lipectomy Buccal Fat Removal Surgery is Done?

The lipectomy buccal fat removal process is very common in performance. The same precautions and the preliminary are being done. Let’s see how the process works.

A saltwater saline mixture is being made along with the anesthesia. Local anesthesia is being used. The mixture is being injected to the exact place where the surgery is going to happen.

After quite some minutes, the forceps are being applied to the sections. Those areas are being cut according to predetermined measurements. Then a golf amount of fat is being released.

The buccal fat layers are being removed permanently from those areas. So, in case the fat starts to store again, it will take a longer time. That’s why it is considered a permanent solution.

After the surgery, the cut places will be stitched. You’ll be taken under bed rest for a few minutes. It is for checking whether everything is good or not.

After all of these, You’ll be prescribed some medicines that will help you to heal faster. You should obey all the instructions for better results.

What are The Advantages of Having Lipectomy?

Lipectomy can be very helpful if you are seeking for following solutions. Let’s see.

If you have a baby face full of fats, this surgery can give you a mature attractive look. It will define your face’s buccal areas, jawline, and chin precisely.

The second amazing thing is, you don’t have to worry about future fat storage. Because the fat pads will be removed permanently and the skin will be tightly attached. Thus, the fat storage will be delayed. It is a proven method, you try for sure.

Lastly, if you have an old face or have a sunken face in nature, then you can have the best solution with this surgery. Lipectomy can decrease the number of stretch marks on facial muscles and can increase the production of elastin. Just like that, those who tend to have sunken faces can give them a defined shape with mirror similarities.

What are The Disadvantages of Having Lipectomy?

There are several disadvantages. It will be better to call them risks because these are not permanent. Let’s what are these.

The main problem is regarding scars. If you don’t maintain a proper diet chart and don’t take the medicine as prescribed, then the healing will be delayed. You need to take proper rest too.

Secondly, you should be well aware of your surroundings cleaning so that you won’t catch infections in any case. The infection will not only delay your healing process but also will cause fatal problems through the face.

Lastly, there is a huge chance of dissimilar face shapes if the surgeon is not experienced. Choosing a perfect surgeon for a lipectomy is very important. Along with these, you should also follow the tests and all instructions given by them. Only then, you can minimize your problems.

Final Words

Lipectomy is a veteran way of Buccal Fat Removal process. It can be very helpful to give you a well-structured face with sharp lines. It can also kill old age problems and sunken faces. To have a good face shape, there is no comparison of lipectomy.

Unlike Bichectomy, the lipectomy won’t be done through the mouth. So, there will be cut marks and scar marks on the face. It won’t be a problem if you follow all the instructions. So, choose your surgeon precisely and make your mind what will be great for you, bichectomy or lipectomy?



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