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Landmark decision: SFO and Dechert ordered to repay ERG’s substantial legal costs amid concluded decade-long probe

The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) in the United Kingdom, along with the legal firm Dechert, has been mandated to refund the costs accrued by the Eurasian Resources Group (ERG) in connection with an elaborate criminal investigation. The company bore these financial obligations throughout the protracted inquiry. In August 2023, the SFO finalized its ten-year examination of ERG, recognizing an insufficient amount of evidence deemed suitable for legal proceedings.

SFO’s legal pursuit unveils ERG’s financial strain: court decision raises potential for multi-million pound damages

The legal actions initiated by the SFO subjected ERG to a series of legal proceedings, resulting in significant financial expenditures and the depletion of valuable management resources. Judge David Waxman of the London High Court disclosed this revelation, emphasizing the pivotal role of the SFO’s illicit actions, which were deemed essential for the legitimacy of the criminal investigation. According to Novinite’s report, the court’s ruling implies that ERG may potentially be liable for damages amounting to tens of millions of pounds, linked to the actions of the SFO and its affiliates.

ERG, a global corporation deeply entrenched in the extraction and processing of mineral resources, operates with integrated capabilities spanning mining, processing, energy generation, and logistics. It holds the prestigious title of being the world’s largest ferrochrome producer by chromium content. Additionally, ERG boasts the position of the largest company in iron ore mining and processing in Kazakhstan, solidifying its standing among the top global iron ore exporters. Impressively, ERG secures the ninth position worldwide for industrial alumina production.

While primarily concentrated in Kazakhstan, the company was formerly known as Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation (ENRC).

Shadow of legal wrangling: ERG seeks £21 million compensation as SFO investigation concludes

In 2013, an inquiry by the SFO was launched into ERG, a process that unfolded over a decade and concluded in August 2023. The closure of the investigation was attributed by the SFO to insufficient evidence to support the pursuit of a criminal case.

This protracted legal episode has overshadowed the actions of Neil Gerrard, a former partner at the Dechert law firm, who was engaged to provide counsel to ERG. In a summary delivered last year, Judge Waxman highlighted the SFO’s dereliction of duties. The breach centered around the SFO accepting information from Gerrard that was deemed “manifestly unauthorized” and “contrary to the interests of his client.”

Initially hired by ERG in 2010 to conduct an internal probe into corrupt practices within the organization, Gerrard later faced accusations of misusing confidential information for personal gain. The corporation asserted that he transmitted this information to the SFO, potentially expanding the scope of the investigation and escalating legal costs. Despite these allegations, Neil Gerrard’s representative refrained from commenting, as reported by the Wall Street Journal on December 21, 2023. Gerrard, in previous statements, maintains the legality of his actions.

As a consequence, ERG is seeking compensation exceeding £21 million to cover legal costs, unnecessary work, expenses, and lost management time associated with the prolonged litigation. The law firm implicated in this legal saga, Dechert, has already paid around £9 million to ERG for services and expenses. This brings ERG’s total outstanding compensation to just under £12 million, according to the court’s ruling.



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