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Korean Sunscreens Are Your Best Friends. Here’s Why?

Korean Sunscreen Brands always take up the first place when it comes to sunscreens and skincare and the reason for this is their upgraded and skin-friendly formulas. 

Their research on sunscreens and how to make them more powerful against UV rays has led some Korean brands into taking over the international market for sunscreens. 

The Product Difference And Variations

Koreans don’t shy away from experimenting in skincare and all the products they make come with long-term healthy effects on the skin. This comes from the fact that Koreans believe in enhancing the beauty of the natural skin rather than hiding imperfections with makeup. This is why they have created some of the best Korean sunscreens using ingredients such as cica, allantoin, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide.

Korean Sunscreens Provide Long term Protection

The attention to detail and long term prospects is the reason for success for most Korean brands. Sunblock in the west mostly focus on the immediate blockage of the UV rays to protect your skin but Korean sunblock do way more than that. They not only protect your skin from UV rays but also offer PA that focuses on UVA which shows aging signs. 

This not only protects your skin from UV rays but also from the effects of UV rays that cause aging to the skin over the long term. 

Blend Easily On Different Skin Colors

Korean sunscreens don’t leave white cast on the skin after application which makes them a great product for all skin tones. One product can be used by people with various skin types without having to worry about the sunscreen being for very dark or light skin. 

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They Come in Two Forms, Chemical and Physical

You may not know this but sunscreens usually come in two forms one is chemical and the other is physical. 

If you wish to wear the right sunblock for your skin then you need to define your skin type first because that will help you get the sunblock that will act more effectively on your skin.

Physical sunscreens contain mineral-based ingredients that help in reflecting the UV rays away from the skin by forming a protective layer.

Chemical sunscreens on the other hand contain ingredients such as Ethylhexyl Salicylate, and Avobenzone which absorb the radiation of the sun and don’t allow it to reach your skin. 

If your skin type is sensitive and dry then you should use physical sunscreens because they are more gentle on the skin and are also quite moisturizing. They contain moisturizing agents which keep dry skins moisturized. 

Chemical sunscreens on the other hand are thinner in texture and more sweat and water-resistant.

You can find a wide range of sunscreens in the Korean brand market. Visit the best skincare website for Korean products named Sensoo Skincare which offers a wide array of brands and products and provides instant delivery.


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