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KissAnime and Its Alternatives

Do you love to stream animated movies or series? Yes? Do not go anywhere as we have the best online site for you, where you can watch high-quality, organized animated movies and series for free. Yes, for free! The site is “KissAnime.”

It is famous globally for having the most reliable dubbed and subbed anime in top resolution quality. No matter if you want to watch comedy, thriller, action, horror, or romantic anime type, you can find every anime genre on this platform. In other words, it’s an anime world costing you nothing.

KissAnime Features

Fast Download Time

Countless sites are offering paid and free anime downloads. However, none of these sites can beat the downloading time of KissAnime. This platform not only lets you download anime fast and anywhere, but you can also manage all downloads easily.

Popular for Updating Regularly

Many sites start lacking when it comes to updating their sites. Nonetheless, the main reason for the high popularity of KissAnime is how it updates all series and movies regularly, without ever getting fed up. You can find the latest videos on this site, even if the others do not have them.

100% HD Content

KissAnime ensures to give its users options to stream or download anime movies or series from 240p to 1080p, no matter if you have slow or fast internet. Users do not have to worry about the area they are in and can watch latency-free videos they want on KissAnime.

Best English Subtitles and Dubbing

It can be difficult to find good anime streaming sites that have their movies and series updated into English subbed or dubbed quickly. However, KissAnime is a site that does exactly that, giving users fast updates of videos in English, another reason for its high popularity.

Worldwide Coverage

KissAnime can get accessed from anywhere around the world. Therefore, no matter where a user might locate, they can easily access the platform as it has not gotten blocked from anywhere.

KissAnime Alternatives

At times, for one reason or another, the KissAnime could go down, frustrating many users. However, that is where I come in. Below I have listed the best five KissAnime alternatives you can use when the platform is down. These sites are as popular as KissAnime.

  1. Anime Freak

A site similar to KissAnime and is very popular is Anime Freak. The site has over 10000 anime series and movies. You can stream for free, and it provides anime based on their genre or in alphabetical order.

  1. Anime-Planet

If you are one of those people who loved the old anime movies and series, then Anime-Planet is for you. You can stream and download anime for free. Moreover, this platform gives you data on the latest movies and series by giving them their own sections on the site named “Best Anime of the Week” and Recommendation.”

  1. GoGo Anime

Want a site where you simply type the anime you want to watch and press Go and get the anime? GoGoAnime is the site to go. It is also popular for having the latest and rarest anime series and movies.

  1. 9Anime

The perfect KissAnime & f95zone is 9Anime. The platform showcases over 26000 different categories of movies and series. Users will love to explore this site without a doubt.

  1. Masterani

A website for users wanting to stay anonymous is Masterani. Most of these sites will require you to sign up. However, for Masterani, you do not need to sign in or sign up, you only need to have an updated flash player on your device, and that’s it.


These are not the only KissAnime alternatives. There are many. However, the ones I added above are the best ones. So, start searching and exploring the above site and enjoy anime as you want.


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