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10 Kegel Exercises that You should Practice Often

Kegel Exercises are a set of exercises that specifically Focus on your pelvic floor muscle and help you reduce the weakness and provide strength to it. These exercises help increase blood circulation, increase the erection in men and eliminate premature ejaculation. So if we say that it is one of the best exercises for premature ejaculation, then certainly it is the Best.

Why are Pelvic floor muscles Important?

Pelvic floor muscles play an essential role in the human body. It controls your urination and genital moment and helps them work properly. A robust pelvic muscle helps in a woman’s easy and safe birth process. In a man, Pelvic floor muscles help prolong erection and ejaculation that helps extend sexual pleasure and stamina. Kegel exercises are a great way to enhance the strength of your pelvic muscles.

8 Kegel Exercises you Should Try

Pelvic floor exercises

1. Kettle Bell

Kettlebell is a strength training exercise that helps you build your core and pelvic muscle. It will help you increase the blood circulation in the body. In return, it will provide you with a strong pelvic muscle and more prolonged erection in men.

2. Plank

Plank is one of the widely known kegel exercises that not only help you with reducing your body weight but also helps you build a strong pelvic muscle and boost testosterone. Try doing it for at least 30 seconds for better results.

3. Runner Lunge

Try Runner lunge for better pelvic muscle strength. It is the best home doable kegel exercise. Lunge helps you with lower body strength and gives you better flexibility. Try performing a lounge for 4 to 5 minutes daily for better results.

4. Bridges

Bridges are an excellent kegel exercise for women that provides better flexibility and strength to the pelvic region without extensive work. Take your yoga mat, lie down on your back, and start performing bridges in the morning.

5. Squats

Squats are a part of leg strengthening exercises, but it also helps increase the pelvic muscles strength. It mainly focus on your lower body, legs, and pelvic muscles. It increases muscle strength and blood circulation in your body.

6. Do Pelvic Yoga

If you are into pelvic floor exercises and kegel exercises, pelvic yoga is another effective and easy option for you. Try Dhanurasana and Ashwini mudra to provide your pelvic floor a better strength. But remember, before trying these yoga asanas, empty your bladder to save yourself from unnecessary disturbance during exercise sessions.

7. Bird Dog

Bird dogs and lunges are the most fantastic combinations of kegel exercises that can multiply your effort to strengthen your pelvic muscle. it is an easy core strengthening exercise that improves your pelvic strength. Try them one by one in a sequence for better results.

8. Frog Pose

Frog pose is another kegel exercise that stretches your pelvic muscle to its limit and helps you strengthen pelvic muscle. To perform it, sit down on a mat, bend forward and keep your leg apart and slowly move backwards, stretching your pelvic muscles. Return to the original position and repeat till you feel comfortable.

9. Push-Ups

Push-Ups is another famous exercise that can boost your pelvic floor muscle strength. It might seem absurd to you that a chest build up exercise will affect your pelvic muscle? When you perform push-ups, it affects your chest and your entire core muscles that stretch and rejuvenate your pelvic muscles. So do add push-ups to your kegel exercises list to build a strong body.

10. Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic Exercises may be another surprise in this list but believe me; they do not build you strong stamina and body. They also help your body to become healthier. And strong pelvic muscle is one of the examples of these results. If you love running or swimming and doing it for a longer time, you may already have strong pelvic muscles.

Things You Can also Do

You can also do several things to increase your pelvic floor muscles apart from kegel exercises. Like, eat lots of zinc and magnesium rich foods like walnuts, Fig, leafy vegetables, and fruits. These foods will help you better pelvic strength and increase libido in men. Avoid bad habits like smoking and drinking to help your body become stronger over time and practice exercise daily.

Bottom Line – 

Hope you learn something new about kegel exercises and how they function. Try adding some dietary changes to your lifestyle and do these exercises religiously to increase the effect of the pelvic floor exercises on your body.



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