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Is It Good To Cover Your Car With A Cover?

After purchasing an expensive car, you may wonder if it is good to cover it with a car body cover? Well, the answer is that for car protection it is essential to keep it covered when parked to protect it from dirt, dust, rain, sun, bird droppings and scratches. The paint will not fade if the car body is covered and you can be assured of a dust-free car every time you drive. To buy a car cover online look for a store for car accessories to find a compatible product with your car model.

Maintenance of your car can be quite expensive, so preventing any damage to your car is a no-brainer. A good quality car cover can offer excellent protection for the exterior of your car. If you park your car out in the open, exposed to the weather on a sunny day, a car cover can even protect the interior fabric and plastics from getting damaged while keeping the cabin relatively cool when you get back.

If the car is parked on a sidewalk with a lot of passing traffic, a good quality car cover can prevent scratches from pebbles that may get thrown up as cars drive by.

Tips while buying a cover for car protection

Here are some essentials things to keep in mind while buying a car body cover.

Good fit 

Choose a car cover those snuggly fits over the body of the car. A cover that is too small may not cover the entire body and leave the rear or front exposed. At the same time, an extra large cover will drag on the ground or may be swept up by a gust of wind.

A list of compatible cars is usually provided when you purchase a cover for car protection, so look for your particular model when making a purchase.

Fasten the car cover over the body 

Most car body covers come with a belt and buckle that runs beneath the car to help fasten it to the exterior. This may not be the most ideal solution to keep the cover fixed during stormy weather.

Look out for car protection accessories that come with additional anchor points such as shoe laces that tie down the cover to offer a snug fit to the car.

Avoid using a non-waterproof cover in the rain 

If your car cover is not designed for use in the rain, then it will get soaked in a heavy downpour and may damage the paintwork. The car cover will end up sticking to the body and ruin the clear coat.

If the car cover is water-proof and designed to be used in the rain, then it is fine to leave it on.

Keep the car cover clean

For car protection, you need to clean the car body cover at least once a week. The cover has the potential to attract dust and dirt which may find their way to the body panels. Cleaning the car cover regularly will prevent dirt from seeping onto the body.

Refrain from using thick tarpaulin covers 

tarpaulin is not the ideal material to use as a car cover. It does not offer much protection and can even lead to scratches on your paintwork. The car cover should protect the body, at the same time it should be breathable.

By keeping these essential tips in mind, you will have a secure cover for your ride which you can rely on for a long time.


If you plan on parking your car outside, exposed to the elements, a car cover is the best way to protect it. There are various types of car covers available, and you will be spoilt for choice, especially at an online store for car accessories. Picking the right one is important to keep your car protected from the elements, scratches, dirt and dust.

Typically, the car cover should fit snuggly over the body and be made of a light breathable material that is not going to damage the paintwork by sticking to it. At the same time, the car cover should be durable and reflect harmful UV rays and heat from the sun, while remaining waterproof during the rains.

The biggest enemy of cars parked outside is the weather, animal deposits, chemicals and tree sap. The car cover should also protect the paint from fading and keep the interior elements from discolouring and cracking.

Another advantage of a car cover is that your belongings are kept out of sight from thieves. If someone wants to break into your car, the added time of removing the cover may discourage them from attempting to steal.

You will potentially save a lot of money on maintenance and touch-up work if you keep your car covered while parked. Also, you will have a shiny, new-looking ride every time you go out for a drive. 

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