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Is Eating Fish and Seafood Still Healthy?

The fish and seafood industries will be greatly impacted by the Gulf oil spill. Since the Gulf oil spill began some weeks ago, the nation’s fish and seafood industry has already felt the effects of the spill. Fishing is prohibited in 62,000 square miles of federal waters in the Gulf of Mexico, according to the federal government.

As a result, fish and seafood are getting harder to find and costlier to buy when they are. Shrimp has increased from $4.50 to $8.95 per pound and crab has increased to $40 a bushel. And that is only the start. To try to offset the growing costs, prices will continue to climb in supermarkets,fish market near me, and dining establishments. The average middle-class American will find it considerably more difficult to consume wholesome fish and seafood. How wholesome will the fish and seafood be in the coming months and years? People are already becoming concerned about fish pollution. How will it develop in the not too distant future?

Fishing has been prohibited in 26% of federal waters thus far. The fish and seafood in those regions of the Gulf of Mexico, which is still largely open, are unaffected. Additionally, the seafood that is available is secure. Officials are testing fish from all around the state of Louisiana, according to environmental scientist Jeff Dauzat. He claims that while they are testing for hydrocarbons and other microbes, they would also like to go beyond that and check for compounds present in the dispersant they are employing to disperse the oil in the water. Overall, it doesn’t seem ideal for the fish, shellfish, and wildlife that rely on them for food, as well as for us. What we currently have is secure.

However, it will become increasingly challenging to eat a balanced fish dinner. Future fish and seafood consumption will be significantly influenced by the nature of the contaminated water and how fast and thoroughly they are able to remove the filth from it. For the time being, all we can do is stock up on what is available, wait, and cross our fingers that the authorities are competent.

Optimal Fish Oil

A number of health advantages come with fish oil. Both fresh fish and supplements containing it are available. It is well recognized to help people with high blood pressure as well as treat heart disease. It also has a number of benefits for the skin, and those who have acne frequently use supplements. Additionally, it has been applied to the management of cancer, diabetes, and arthritis.

Immune System Advantages

The fatty acids in fish oil directly support the cytokines and eicosanoids that are present in the human immune system, and it has been found that regular consumption of fresh fish or fish oil supplements helps people resist colds and the flu. Amazing health benefits are also provided by these oils for those who have lupus. Additionally, it aids in the healing of skin rashes and helps the immune system lower fevers.



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