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Is an LA Fitness Membership worth it?

In 1984, the company was founded at Irvine, CA, LA Fitness today has over 700 locations in both the US in addition to Canada.

I recently went to LA Fitness in Wayne, NJ to see whether it’s worth the price.

What do you think? Is the LA Fitness busy hours membership worth it? For the majority of people, the LA Fitness membership is worth it, but it is contingent in large part on the standard of your local gym. LA Fitness gyms have a lot of equipment, and decent facilities, but cleanliness and professionalism of the staffand the general cleanliness of the gym differ based on the location.

Continue reading to learn the reason LA Fitness is still a decent value for money even when you can find more expensive gyms in the market.

My Experience of Working Out at LA Fitness

It was a strange experience. I didn’t expect anything when I went to LA Fitness. The nearest location located in Wayne, NJ isn’t known to be the best gym however, it wasn’t nearly so bad as I had hoped. This isn’t the sleekest or clean gym I’ve been to but it’s got an abundance of amenities and equipment.

The particular facility is located in a large independent building, meaning there’s plenty of room within. The cardio machines are organized according to type, while all free weights and the resistance machines are separated into their own categories.

The showers and lockers were not fancy, but they’re adequate. After visiting gyms with luxury facilities like Equinox or Life Time Fitness, I do not think I’ll ever find an other gym with showers and locker rooms meet their standards. However, the locker rooms located at LA Fitness are clean and clean, even if they’re not impressive.

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While I was working out I saw a few individuals not taking their weights off. The staff did nothing to address the issue, which seemed a bit odd. I’ve also heard of complaints regarding people not wiping their equipment after use, so I ensured that I washed the machine prior to and after using it.

Its Wayne, NJ location is located near three high schools in the area and also a major university. It is a popular destination for younger crowds, however I also observed plenty of people aged between 30 and 40 . A lot of the members are those who visit the gym to meet friends and snap pictures, but there are some who are committed to their fitness regimens.

As with most gyms, LA Fitness is busiest in the evenings, however it’s not difficult to locate machines even when they’re packed. It’s not easy to find an Squat Rack at times of peak demand however.

Although I didn’t have any negative experience with LA Fitness, I wasn’t amazed byenough to be able to leave my gym at home and sign up for a membership. While I didn’t have any unpleasant experiences with the staff or other members of the gym, I did not feel as welcome like I did at other gyms I’ve been to.

LA Fitness Gym: Pros & Cons

Similar to other gyms, LA Fitness has its own positives as well as negatives. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of an LA Fitness membership.


The cost of membership is reasonable. It’s rare that I’ve come across gyms that cost less than $40/month, however LA Fitness does. It’s a great gym for those who is on a tight budget but would like access to a wide range of machines, strength equipment as well as group classes.

Many locations permit chalk. I’ve only come across some chain gyms that permit chalk, and I was ecstatic to learn it was LA Fitness does.

Certain locations have spas. Even some of the more luxurious chain gyms with massage chairs, spa facilities along with red-light therapy, don’t include hot tubs. A lot of LA Fitness locations do, and they’re a great method to unwind after a tough exercise. It is important to ensure that your facility adheres to the proper guidelines for cleaning prior to settling in and wash yourself in the shower prior to entering if you are going in after your workout.


The design is old-fashioned. Most LA Fitness facilities aren’t the most modern, and the gyms are simple and basic. The LA Fitness website also appears to be from 1998. This doesn’t affect the fitness center in general, but it’s an issue that really stood to me.

Cleanliness differs widely based on the location. Some LA Fitness areas are clean and better maintained than other. The one I went to was not filthy however there were numerous weights and no one washed their equipment. It was a bit disappointing that some personnel were not very respectful and the staff did not say anything to them.

How Much Does an LA Fitness membership cost?

LA Fitness memberships are fairly common throughout the US. I have listed the membership choices of Wayne, NJ below. Wayne, NJ location below so that you have an idea of what the cost of a membership is.

Multi Club

Multi Club membership is a month-to-month plan. Multi Club membership is a month-to-month subscription that costs $34.99/month plus tax as well as a $49 initiation cost. The annual cost.

Through this membership you have access to your club and the basketball court, all classes in group sauna, and pool. You are able to go to nearly every LA Fitness, but some places have “signature” clubs, and will not allow external memberships.

If you’re the first to join, you’ll need to pay an initiation fee , along with your first and last month’s fees, meaning that the total cost upfront will work at around $119.



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