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Introducing Greengeeks Hosting

Trey Gardner established GreenGeeks in 2008, and the company maintains its headquarters in Agoura Hills.

It is the most popular green web host in the industry.

They provide numerous options for web hosting, including shared, WordPress, VPS, and reseller plans.

  • A one-year, free domain name is included with every package.
  • Your website will be migrated for free by a team of experts.
  • All of their shared hosting packages feature free, limitless SSD storage space.
  • A combination of LiteSpeed and MariaDB servers with PHP7, HTTP/1.1, QUIC, and PowerCacher for in-memory caching.
  • There’s a 30-day refund policy available.

They’ve made a name for themselves among site owners of any stripes by consistently exceeding expectations as a web host.

It’s Good for The Environment.

The fact that GreenGeeks is a responsible web host speaks volumes about the firm. Do you realize that by 2020, the hosting sector will have produced more pollution than the airline industry combined?

GreenGeeks emphasizes the importance of selecting an environmentally responsible web host when you visit their site. For more information on GreenGeeks, click here.

They continue by saying what they’re doing to lessen their impact on the environment.

It is the most environmentally friendly hosting service currently available and is an official EPA Green Power Partner.

Here’s what GreenGeeks hosting does to make it easier for you to run a green website:

They invest in wind energy credits to offset the amount of power their servers draw from the utility company. They purchase three times as much power as is required to run their data centers.

The servers used to host the site’s information are energy efficient. The servers themselves are housed in green data centers that are also energy efficient.

Due to their eco-conscious, devoted clientele, they can replace over 615,000 kWh annually.

To raise awareness of their dedication to green energy, they offer web admins green certification badges to display on their site.

Credentials For Eco-Friendly Websites

Put, joining the GreenGeeks team implies you care about improving the world as a place to live and are willing to put in the effort to do it.

This is what they think about it…

What exactly is “Green Hosting,” and why is it crucial that your website utilize it?

We must keep more of our natural resources as possible. Our own and future generations’ survival is a responsibility we cannot forget. Fossil fuels are used to power hosting servers all around the world. One year of operation for only one server used for hosting websites generates 1,390 pounds of carbon dioxide.

GreenGeeks is pleased to offer their customers green hosting that is run on renewable energy sources for up to 300 percent of our energy needs. Through collaboration with environmental organizations and purchasing wind energy credits, they help generate three times as much energy as we need and feed it back into the system. Their whole hosting infrastructure and company philosophy is based on minimizing their carbon footprint.

New, Rapidly-Developing Technologies

The less time it takes for your website to load, the better. After all, if your website takes more than two seconds to load, most users will move on to another. Even while you can improve your site’s speed and performance in many ways on your own, it’s great to have your web host’s support.

Sites that take too long to load won’t do as well. According to research conducted by Google, a delay of just one second in mobile site load times can have a 20% effect on conversion rates.

What is GreenGeeks’ speed “stack”? This is important information for any website owner.

Signing up with them will set you up on a web host with the most up-to-date and eco-friendly hardware and software.



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