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Interior Design Trend 2022: Ultimate Guide

These are the 2022 homeware trends that you can embrace with a clear conscience.


The biophilic design movement promotes closer connections to nature through the creation of shared spaces. Jen Rochford, Porta says that humans desire to be connected with nature and have access to it in their everyday lives. “Bringing biophilic elements indoors is a great way to keep that connection.”

This trend is changing from natural timber finishes to man-made or synthetic finishes throughout the home. Raw timber, concrete, and stone are being used as finishes in kitchens and bathrooms, including walls and ceiling linings. Jen says that sustainable timber is a natural material that brings warmth and depth to your home. Timber finishes bring nature indoors, adding texture and movement to any space.

This kitchen island ticks all the right boxes with soft tones and curved edges. Porta

Marble continues to be the dominant material in bathrooms and kitchens, as well as smaller-scale furniture such as coffee tables and accessories. However, the stone is making waves in furniture, with warm tones like Travertine gaining popularity with an elegant, Italian-inspired style. Fiona says that stone’s tactile appeal and luxurious appeal are an ideal way to enhance any space.

“There’s a growing awareness about the negative impact synthetic fibers have on not only our planet but also our health,” states Olivia Moon, creative director and founder of Nodi Rugs. Many people don’t know what their flooring is made of – rugs or carpet – so they have been filling their homes with polyester which is actually plastic.


The 2022 color trends reflect our desire to be in touch with nature. They include Eucalyptus, olive greens, and ocre and clay browns. Timbers will see a return to darker colors. Mariah Madder, Director/Founder of Folk Studio says that for years American Oak and Tasmanian Oak have dominated interiors. “I am excited to see what darker timbers will be in 2022,” she said.

It doesn’t end with flooring. Fiona says brown is the new black. She suggests that brown is best when it’s combined with soft creams, such as caramel, tan, and chocolate browns. “I love brown on brown. It’s surprising and wonderfully retro.

The future is here. This kitchen features vertical wall linings and textured natural stones. It also includes handmade furniture. Bold colors are coming soon if they appeal to you. However, for now, only small amounts of them should be used. Fiona says that only a few hints of primary colors like red, yellow, and blue are being introduced sophisticatedly. “Think more Mediterranean than Bauhaus.

The co-founder of Carlotta+ Gee Georgina Cavanagh agrees and suggests starting with the table settings. She says that aqua and ochre are in fashion this spring and will brighten up the table. They are also very fresh and have a Mediterranean vibe.


Mariah says, “We all want comfort in our homes. Soft linens and textured walls, as well as handmade ceramics, can do that.” Handcrafted items are more sociable and we all want a better connection in our homes.

Once and then buying again has never been more popular. 100% linen napery and bed sheets can be washed beautifully and will improve with age. Georgina says that linen napkins are eco-friendly and add a touch of luxury to any table setting.

A base of hand-laid bricks, concrete finishes, and custom upholstery create a warm interior in this newly renovated Queenslander. 

A renewed interest in handcrafted objects is fuelled by nostalgia. This may be due to weekends spent locked down. Emily Dezentje, the founder of Little Tienda, says that “Increasingly home” is a key place. Her hand-stitched Kantha quilts are made by women from rural Rajasthan using traditional techniques. Our quilts are tactile pieces that create a strong sense of connection.


The 2022 design trends are all about geometry and symmetry, reflecting our desire to get life on track. Reeded glass is expanding to kitchen cabinets, room dividers, and windows, as well as doors and windows, with slim lines everywhere.

The geometric nature of tiles is also increasing. For example, the “kit kat” or linear finger mosaics are used in bathroom walls, and kitchen splashbacks and wrap themselves around curved feature walls.

Timber and tiles. The bathroom in, a 1930s family home has been renovated with finger mosaics that create an illusion of height and add texture.


Fiona says that curves are still hot, especially quirky, wavy forms and imperfect organic curves. Soft, rounded shapes are becoming more popular in homewares, which break up cluttered vignettes. However, they also dominate architectural detailing. They have a less direct profile, cocooning spaces with furniture, cabinetry, and feature walls.

Natural timber is a great material for creating curves. The Contours range by Porta is well-suited for creating curves. They can also be retrofitted. Their unique tongue and groove connection allows secret fixing and is easy to install. Jen suggests that you get creative and include a curved wall in a hallway or dressing area, as well as a secret door.

The 1930s curves were preserved and reproduced in the minimal/Scandi remodel of this large family home.

Mariah says, “I am still on a curve train.” Due to the current world, I believe we all continue to gravitate towards more peaceful and soft spaces. Soft curves can bring a feeling of calm, ease, and fluidity to a space.

This room is by Folk Studio. It features textured boucle fabrics in softly curved shapes that invite relaxation and calm. A geometric patterned rug adds a bit of fun to the space.


This trend is evident in our homes, as we live a life that is constantly zigging and zigging. In bold colors and bright shades, zig-zag patterns are appearing in vessels and furniture details. Think of permed hair and shoulder pads from the 1980s, but with a bit more strength and material like glass and recycled plastic.

The inside view softens the impact of sharply angular exterior cladding. The Paramount House Hotel is functional and beautiful. 


The ceilings of homes are rising in popularity. These walls of glass allow light to enter but must be protected from heat, cold, and prying eyes. The sheer curtain is now available. It’s not a new trend, so re-enter. It’s not the slick clotted cream colors of your Mother’s “good room”, but modern, gossamer-light swathes that shield what’s undesirable and diffuse the sunlight beautifully.

Ronnie and Georgia’s award-winning dining room on The Block 2022 is decorated with olive greens and large sheer curtains. 


Yes, you heard us right. Feature walls provide an outlet for all types of artistic expressions in interior design. You can choose from bold wallpapers, hand-finished artisan surfaces, or applied geometric profiles. Make a statement with color, texture, or pattern. A good color wall can definitely improve human mental health, as the interior plays a major role in human behavior.


Fiona says that Australians are now being inspired more by European aesthetics than ever. Details like feminine busts, wicker shapes, and vintage French artwork are all grand and memorable.

The rise in rendered walls is a nod towards the old Mediterranean architectural techniques. They are being fused with Palm Beach style for smoother curves inside and out.

History and heart. The rendered vanity surface is surrounded by collected objects in the bathroom at the Byron Bay home.


With tablescapes booming last year, dining remains at the top of our styling wish list. We also have a growing desire to host friends and family again at home. Mariah says that people have been wanting to transform and decorate their dining rooms more over the past twelve months. “Covid-19 transformed our dining rooms into a home area, the homework space, and the dining room. People want more comfortable seating and better lighting.

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