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Interesting Facts About Ostriches

Interesting Facts About Ostriches. Ostriches are among the biggest birds that live on this planet. They are found within Southern Africa, they are distinctive animals that are known for their short walks and awkward behavior. Black And Yellow Birds Here are some fascinating facts about ostriches!

Physical Description

The ostrich is one of the largest bird species. It is famous for its long neck, which is bare its slim lower legs, and its muscular thighs which have a large plumage-shrouded body. The feathers of an adult male ostrich are black, the ones of the tail are white and the neck is a blue or pinkish color. The female ostrich’s coloration is distinguished by gray-brown-colored feathers.

Ostriches are taller than 7 to 9 feet and their weight ranges from 250 to 350 pounds. An ostrich’s eye measures 2 inches wide – the biggest of any land animal! The ostrich is the only animal with two toes on every foot, which assists when running. Also, it has a longer toe that is equipped with a claw of 4 inches to defend itself.


As an omnivore Ostrich feeds on plant seeds, roots and berries, flowers, small rodents, leaves, lizards, and other invertebrate insects. It typically eats through browsing or grazing upon trees or shrubs.

The Ostrich also eats pebbles that aid in digestion processes. An Ostrich can go on dry land for days since it uses the moisture of the plants it eats in order to obtain the water it requires.

Habitat And Range

In the semi-arid plains of Africa, the woodlands, savannahs, as well as grasslands are where the ostrich is found. Countries such as Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Ethiopia, Somalia, Zambia, Mali, Chad, Sudan, Mozambique, and Tanzania offer these habitats to the ostrich.

According to the 2014 International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List, the ostrich is a species of “Least Concern”.Nonetheless, their populations are decreasing across much of their diaspora. In the long term, what may threaten their existence the most is habitat loss as human settlements and infrastructure construction encroach upon them, as well as their utilization as meat sources.


The ostrich is the most active in the early and later hours of the day. They are found through the African Savannah in groups of between 5 and fifty ostriches. The male is territorial and will fight for its territory. If threatened the ostrich will either run or lay down and press its neck towards the ground to hide from the view of others.

This acts as a kind of camouflage as its feathers blend in with the colors of the soil. This has resulted in the phrase “sticking one’s head in the sand” when faced with challenges and not taking care of it. An Ostrich can also flaunt its wings and yell loudly to scare off

attackers. If it is attacked, it will give an attack with its strong legs. When predators such as lions, leopards, and hyenas come close they can fly through the air at speeds as high as 43 miles an hour. A bird’s wings are used while running to help change its direction. Ostriches can emit various sounds that include booms, whistles, and hisses.


A female ostrich attains sexual maturity between 2 and 4 years old age. The time for breeding is March to September. Grey German Shepherd To draw females, male, and male ostriches perform mating dances using wings. The female is able to lay as many as 12 eggs.

The eggs will hatch in a pit that is which is dug by her male mate. Both male and female partners rotate to protect and incubate eggs for between 35 to 45 days before they hatch. The typical life span of an ostrich is 30-40 years.


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