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Inspiring Bathroom Trends that will Dominate the Interior Design World

Your bathroom can emit a relaxing vibe if done right. And with the trends we culled up for you, you can enjoy a luxurious space, to unwind after a long and tiring day. 

The interior design industry keeps evolving. It is under constant change and new designs keep paving their way into the market. From pastels to forest greens; there are innumerable trends that can be put to use when creating a plan for bathroom remodeling


When using the following trends, you must choose ones that fulfill your personal preferences and aesthetics. We have culled up some of the most elegant trends for you, right here that will last you beautifully for the years to come. 

1. Wet Rooms:

The trend of wet rooms is growing incredibly. It makes your bathroom more functional and beautiful too. The demand for stools, seats and spa-inspired benches is growing too. This simply means that a lot more comfort is being added to the bathroom spaces. It allows the users to hold back and relax for a while. Add a neutral coloured bench or seat, that gives a more natural vibe to your area. 

2. Consoles and Open Storages:

Another rising bathroom trend is to utilize a two-way approach to make your storage smart yet stylish. Use a console with open storage in the lower area. Put your shower sandals, additional skin care or other important accessories in the open storage area. Add your sink and tap in the upper console area. Hidden bathroom storage is also great but we have been seeing a significant rise in open storage and it will only keep growing now. 

3. Tiny Dressing Area:

Dressing areas are now also paving their way from your bedroom to your bathroom. And it doesn’t have to be an extravagant one either. Add a small counter and a large mirror, along with a chic seater to create your own sweet dressing table corner. This will not only save you space in your bedroom but will add a lot more personality to your bathroom too. 

4. Mix and Match:

A lot of mix and match will be experienced in the coming days, in the world of interior design. Patterned wallpapers and murals are now a huge trend for bathrooms. A lot of people are now experimenting with their bathrooms and using bold patterns to enhance a classical and luxurious outlook for their space. You can also opt for bold coloured walls and a single mural wall to make a statement too. 

5. Tech Luxury:

If you are willing to spend; you might as well add tech-friendly elements to your bathroom. We have tech-driven taps, toilets and temperature settings these days which enhance the bathroom spaces impeccably well. You can evoke luxury with technology too. 


From choosing the right color scheme to opting for fine finishes; bathroom remodeling can be an extremely fun project to take on. However, be very wise when putting it all together as you definitely want your space to look amped up and better than it was before.



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