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Important Tips You Need to Know If Travelling by Train Alone

Tours always bring a smile to everyone as they provide a temporary break to your regular and mundane life and refresh your mood to get back to work. You can travel with your friends and family or alone, each travelling has its own special features. And, when you are travelling by train, you can enjoy the journey to the most. It is true that flights can reach you faster to your destinations, but there are people who want to enjoy every bit of their tour. For them, travelling by train is the best thing.

Now, if you are travelling alone, there are certain things you need to be careful. Your entire trip is arranged by you. So, ensure the train availability first for your destination. Once you get trains at the certain time of your travelling, you can plan your entire tour. Which are things you need to remember while travelling alone by train? Have a look-

  1. Check out for Discounts – If you are travelling solo, you should think about your money. Train travelling often brings exciting promotional offers and discounts on the tickets. Be attentive to those or make thorough inquiry before booking tickets.
  2. Be Careful – This is for you all, especially for women. If you are travelling alone, you need to take the best care of yourself. Don’t leave your seat and roam around at stations when the train stops. Never get down on the train at any isolated places. If possible, women should install security apps on their mobile so that your dear ones can know your position.
  3. Arrive Early – Many of you reach the station at the eleventh hour, especially while travelling alone. Don’t do this. Arrive at rail station at least 10 minutes before and find out in which platform your train is announced. If you are unfamiliar with the station, you should have time in your hand to manage your luggage and find out the correct train.
  4. Keep Short Discussions with Strangers – This is a standing instruction for all. If you find your journey boring, listen to music or carry books but try not to be too friendly with strangers. Avoid telling the details of your journey or your tour plan. And never touch any food items from a stranger, no matter how much they request.
  5. Take Care of Your Luggage – The best thing you can do to carry little luggage while travelling alone; one trolley bag may be. Never carry any kind of valuables or wear any jewellery while travelling alone. Also use lock, key, and chains to keep your luggage secure.
  6. Carry Important Things – You should carry some dry fruits or food items with you while travelling alone. This saves money and health. Also, have some medicines, a torchlight, soap papers and toilet papers with you. Never forget to keep water with you.

So, these are certain important things you need to know while travelling alone by train and these are not at all less important than knowing the train availability. Enjoy a safe trip.



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