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Important Information and Facts About Five Pillars of Islam

The principles are regarded as mandatory for all true believers of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). All the males and females, including in any category or class, have to follow these teachings of Islam in order to please Allah almighty with good deeds and the best consistency. Muslims must perform these acts regularly in order to obey the laws of Islam. The most important aspect of Islam is that there exists no prejudice or inequality among the people. Hence it can be stated that all humans are treated equally at all times. Islam emphasizes us the value of tolerance, fraternity, and unity. Muslims should not divide themselves into separate groups or denominations, but rather maintain Allah’s creations and successors of Hazrat Adam (A.S). They are regarded as identical, and according to Islamic beliefs, no one has dominance over the other, and all are made to serve Allah Almighty. There should be no distinction between Muslims based on their skin complexion or money; everyone must remain united at Hajj to praise Allah, who is the most perfect being in the universe.


The Shahadah is considered the first pillar of Islam. The foundational expression of belief and responsibility is that there is no other creator but Allah Almighty, and Muhammad (PBUH) is His Prophet.” It differentiates Muslims from people of other religions as they have no belief in Allah Almighty. In the West, the Shahadah is likely best recognized as the Arabic slogan on the banners. This pillar is the fundamental basis of Muslims as they have a firm belief in Allah Almighty and his mercy.  The Shahadah, on the other hand, is not just for those who become violent for worshipping Allah Almighty because of different religions. While in fact, reading it three times in front of observers is a condition for embracing Islam and becoming a Muslim.


The second pillar of Islam is Salah or offering prayer. Salah is the Islamic ceremonial prayer in which all Muslims surrender to Allah’s will and bow before him for seeking His endless blessings. Performing prayer five times each day in the position towards Khana Kaaba situated in Mecca. Friday is reserved for communal prayer (Juma) as it is referred to as the most blessed day in the whole week. Muslims unite in mosques on the prayer mats to perform Salah. There are five different prayers in Islam that are obligated for Muslims to be performed at any cost. These include Fajr, Dhuhr, Asar, Maghrib, and Isha. Women offer the prayers mostly at home in a separate place where they can feel relaxed while offering without any disturbance. While the men go to mosques usually to execute the act and commemorate togetherness.


Zakat is the third pillar of Islam that demonstrates the act of sacrifice as Islamic teachings require the contribution of other poor people in the wealth of rice people. It is an obligatory contribution of a part of a Muslim’s extra money. Islamic institutions and NGOs urge contributors to utilize their resources to relieve the suffering of poor people and assist refugees, and survivors of natural catastrophes. Zakat can be provided to those who have suffered the issues of flood and have nothing to eat. People provide a huge amount of money.  While most of institutions respect the regulations and play an essential role in helping needy communities.

Roza or Sawm

Keeping fast is the fourth pillar of Islam. During Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, Muslims are supposed to fast and keep themselves refrained from different acts that are prohibited in Islam. They refrain from eating food and drinking. They also abstained from sexual activities and cigarette smoking during daytime hours (which vary according to the moment of the year). Muslims break the fasting with a meal after sunset at the time of Maghrib.  Exemptions apply to the senior, the sick, expectant, or breast-feeding women, and also the youngsters are not forced to engage in such acts.


Performing the Hajj, or trip to Mecca, is a religious obligation that every Muslim must do throughout their lifetime. Before embarking on the pilgrimage, all travelers should be in excellent bodily and spiritual development. They perform a sequence of individual and group acts in Mecca for several days of their stay, continuing the trend established by Muhammad (PBUH). Hajj can be offered with the help of different packages provided by various travel companies that help the Muslims to make their pilgrimage memorable ad easy to travel and afford with reasonable prices. The non-shifting Hajj packages are the best ones to avail and perform Hajj. The pilgrims can also opt to customize their travel packages with any kind of services they need to add.



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