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Importance of Survey Research for PhD Dissertation

Surveys in research are considered a powerful tool to collect useful data on a demographic. Survey research has been widely used for various purposes in the past few decades. With the advancement of technology, collecting data through surveys has now become even easier and more effective. If you are PhD student, choosing surveys to collect data for your dissertation can be the best way for you to draw useful results. This article will show you the importance of survey research for PhD dissertation.

Survey research:

It is referred as “the collection of the information from the sample of people by their answers to survey questions” in this type of study, you can use various methods to recruit respondents, gather data and use several approaches of instrumentation. The survey is used in quantitative research, where you will use questionnaires to rate items numerically. You can also use qualitative research strategies such as open-ended methods and or a mixed strategy. It is usually used to explore and describe human behaviour. Thus,  surveys are widely used in psychological and social research.

In survey research, information is gained from groups or individuals by using questionnaires. This method has been used for decades to collect data. Some common examples of the survey include political surveys, marketing surveys related to consumer patterns and public opinion polls.


The following points show the importance of survey research:

It is a very inexpensive method:

Data collection can be very expensive. However, you need very less money relatively when you use survey research. In the case of online surveys, the cost per respondent is even less. Even if you give incentives to the participants to fill out the survey, the cost will still be less than conducting an interview.

It gives targeted results:

Surveys can be very useful in explaining the features of a huge population. There is no other method of data collection that gives such broad capability. Surveys make sure that you get an accurate sample to collect results from the target audience. In this way, you can draw a better conclusion.

Surveys are flexible:

Survey research could be considered very flexible research. It is because it has many modes such as telephone surveys, social media surveys, email surveys, face-to-face interview surveys, online surveys and paper surveys. This shows that it is very flexible to use for the purpose of data collection.

It is more Dependable:

There is anonymity in surveys which can slow the participants from giving more valid and candid answers. It is important that you make your respondents honest and open to get the most accurate data. With the help of more honest results, you will be able to draw better results in the end.

It is a practical way to collect data:

Survey research can be a practical way to collect data about something specific. With the help of surveys, you can easily target the respondents to an area of your own choice or handle them in a certain way. It is totally up to you what questions you want to ask and in what format. There are various choices in surveys, such as you can use multiple choice, open-ended questions, quizzes, polls and questionnaires to get real data.

This method is fast:

This method is very fast to get the outcomes that you want. It is because you can use online tools and mobile to collect data fast. With the help of this method, you can even generate results even in one day. Depending on the reach and scale of the questions, it can be even less than a day. Due to the internet and online tools, you do not have to wait to get results. All you need to do is make your questionnaires and put them online to get the results as fast as possible.

It gives an opportunity for scalability:

A Survey with proper structure can allow you to collect data from a population of any size. Because of the internet, you can get answers to your questions from anyone in the world. You just need to share a link with them and ask them to fill out the survey. A survey process can also be done automatically. This will allow the organization to become more efficient in their processes. For instance, you can use a survey for marketing purposes to build a strong marketing campaign to promote your product. Scientists can also get a lot of benefits through surveys because they can give you social insights at personal levels, which you cannot do with other methods of data collection.

It will allow your data to come from various resources:

When you take surveys to meet the requirement of a demographic area, you can use various data points in one collection from multiple locations. You will face much fewer hurdles with this method because of the online assess and internet. There might be some challenges in this method because of the difference in cultures in various countries. For this, it is best that you get some PhD dissertation help to draw accurate results.

It gives the opportunity to compare results:

A research survey can also help you to compare results. After you quantify the data collected from surveys, the information is used to contrast and compare with other research. Through this, you can easily measure the change in the target audience. This means a survey that goes out every month becomes valuable with the passage, as others can also use it to compare the results.

It gives a visualization of data and straightforward analysis:

A research survey is usually a quantitative research method. It is a process that allows you to take advantage of the analysis process so that you can present your results in a better way.


The above guide can help you understand the importance of survey research for PhD dissertation. If you want to collect information fast with less effort and money, then it is best that you use surveys to collect data. With the help of surveys, you can specific and useful collect data.



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