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What is Image to Text and How works

In today’s modern world of technology where everything is replaced by the latest technology and tools. It is also very easy to obtain the required results quite efficiently. Similarly, the optical character recognition technology image to text converter online free has paved the way to extract the text from images quite effortlessly. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is considered a process, which turns the text of the image into a text format that can be editable. 

Why is OCR Important?

Usually the workflow of businesses receives information using the print media. Legal documents, printed contracts, invoices, paper forms, scanned documents, and printed contracts that are a part of business processes. No doubt that these large volumes of paperwork consumes much time to manage and space to store. That is why people prefer paperless documents instead of using hard copy documents. This process is also very tedious and slow. This is why accurate image to text converter online free by cardscanner.co are used for extracting the text out of images to use it further for different reasons. 

In addition to it digitizing the document text creates image files along with the hidden text with it. Also the text of these documents can’t be processed using the word processing tools as the text documents. OCR technology, which is also called the text scanner from images, solves the issue of turning the text of images into the data that can be processed. 

How Does OCR Work?

The optical character recognition or OCR tools works by using the following steps:

Image Acquisition:

The scanner analyzes the text and converts that text to binary codes. The OCR text scanner from images analyzes the scanned pictures and classifies the light areas as background and the text as dark areas of the image. 


The image to text converter online free clean the image first and removes the errors for preparing it to read. Below are some of the cleaning techniques used by the image to text converter. 

  1. Deskewing the scanned copy of documents a bit to fix the alignment issues during the scanning of the text.
  2. Removing the digital image spots and makes the edges smooth for text images.
  3. Clean up the boxes & also the lines of the images. 
  4. Script recognition for multi-language optical character recognition. 

Text Recognition:

There are two types of optical character recognition algorithms that the image to text converter online free use for the text analyzation, which is called pattern matching & feature extraction. 

Pattern Matching:

Pattern matching works by isolating the character photo, known as a glyph, and comparing that with the similarly stored glyph. Pattern recognition works only when the store glyph has the same font and scale as the input glyph. This method works great with the scanned photos of documents typed in a legible font. 

Feature Extraction:

The png to text extraction feature breaks down or decomposes the glyphs into a feature like closed loops, line intersections, lines, and line direction. Then they utilize this feature to search for the best match and the closed neighbor among its stored glyphs.

Post Processing:

After the text analysis, the system turns the extracted text from the images into an editable document file. Some of the image to text converter online free tools create annotated PDF documents that include the before and after documents you scanned.

Final Words:

The modern world’s OCR image to text converter online free tools uses advanced AI character recognition technology to analyze the text in a way similar to humans. These systems utilize the methods, which train the machines to act like humans using machine learning tools. 



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