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I Accidentally Hit My Dog in the Head!

Accidents do happen. What If You Hit Your dog In the head? In most cases, they’re fine however, sometimes they’re not. What can you tell what’s the difference What’s the reason for this? It is possible that you are more worried about their reactions later on, particularly in the case of a sensitive individual who sees your dogs as children. How can we make peace once again and gain their confidence? Are they likely to be suspicious after an event like this?

How Does This Happen?

Imagine cleaning out your garage. It’s not easy and the furniture and other things that you’re moving are large and heavy. It’s hard to see beyond the armchair that you’re dragging through the doorway You can’t hear anything but the sound of your own sighing. It’s true it is heavier than Santa’s sleigh. You hear a low thud or a loud squeal and then you see your dog scurrying off.

Oh my God, You knock him over with the object! You chase him around and try to calm him, but you see a bruise on the top of his head. Poor pup! Dogs can be compared to little kids who are always interested and always blocking your path while doing something hazardous.

How do I Know If He’s Okay?

The dogs are generally fine after an injury to the head However, sometimes they’re not. How do you tell the difference? The first thing to do is know your pet. If he’s acting strangely There’s a good chance that there’s something wrong and you need to take him to a vet.

Look for indicators of a head injury, such as eyes that are not aligned, blood in as well around your eyes, nose, or an unsteady walk. All of these can indicate anything from a slight concussion to a serious one and warrant anxiety. If you spot any of these, bring your dog to the veterinarian to be examined immediately. Also, if your dog is bleeding in his ears or appears confused, be attentive.

Types of Head Injuries

There are many types of head injuries and they vary in intensity. The most popular type is a concussion. In this case, an impact on the head can cause injury to the brain. Your dog may be permanently or temporarily damaged dependent on how severe the event and the place of injury.

A direct hit to the head results in a head contusion. can be identified by bleeding in the brain. A coup-contrecoup can be described as a double contusion that occurs at the site of impact and another on the other face of the skull. It occurs when the force of the collision is enough violent to cause the brain to impact the other side of the skull. Diffuse axonal is one of the types of brain injury caused by extreme shaking or rotation. In this case, nerve tissue tears and different areas of the brain can suffer injuries.

What Are The Risks?

The skulls of dogs are much thicker than human skulls, which means they’re much more robust than us. However, a blow to the head, especially if it’s sufficiently hard, may cause serious damage.

In the preceding section, you can imagine that the results of brain damage can be very severe. The greatest risk of head injuries is the possibility of death. In the event that your dog suffers an impact that is hard enough and aimed towards the right place on his skull, it may end his life. That’s scary.

If they are hit in the head, puppies may experience swelling of their brains. This creates a huge pressure inside their skull, which may result in seizures or insanity.

They’ll also have a horrifying headache. However, if the issue is addressed promptly enough, they’ll be in good shape. It’s the reason it’s so important to take your pet in to see a vet fast as you can.

Are Puppies More At Risk?

Puppy skulls are softer than adult dogs and they also have large fontanels. So, what do we do now? If puppies are born, their skull is made up of a number of fragments that seem to be a bit disconnected from one another. This allows him to squeeze into the birth canal. It puts the puppy in greater danger of suffering head injuries.

Older canines are also more at risk than younger dogs because they’re less likely to weather the shock that comes with it, simply because they’re older and their bodies aren’t as strong.

How Would the Vet Treat My Dog?

There are a variety of treatments available for head injuries, and the specifics will differ depending on the situation in the moment. No matter what the specifics the treatment must begin immediately. If you observe any of these signs you should take your dog to the veterinarian immediately.

He could be experiencing shock, which can be life-threatening. If that’s the case ensure that he is comfortable and warm. Your dog is the best you know and will know the best ways to achieve this.

How Do I Rebuild the Relationship?

It was intentional or not, if the hit to your dog’s head was deliberate the dog could face severe trust issues in the future. Like the cat who refused to come close to my friend due to the fact that the dog bit its tail when she was with him.

The poor animal believed that she was biting him. This is a classic instance of Pavlovian conditioning, where an animal develops the habit of relating events with a particular result (in this instance my friend was able to associate pain with it). The good news is that dogs are skilled at reading intent, and they will generally recognize that you didn’t harm them with intention. If this happens, simply apologize, give them cuddles, and continue on.

Final Thoughts:

If you happen to strike your dog’s head, they’ll be okay. However, accidents do happen and we’ve had the misfortune of hitting our dog by a gym bag or some other item.

Sometimes bumps can be pretty tough, but they could cause serious injury to the patient. Look out for evidence of head trauma and then take him to the vet in case you notice any.

Luckily, your dog will not hold any grudge when you knock him over the head. Dogs can read intent quite quickly, and they’re quick to get moving.

If you’ve tripped over your dog but he’s okay, apologize Give him a cuddle, and then move on. It’s likely that he will do the same.

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