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How Window Curtains Add a Special Look in the Rooms?

When using window curtains, it is important to place the rod high above the windows and close to the ceiling. This will fool the eye into thinking the wall is larger, and visually enlarge the entire room. If the rod is not high enough, the window will appear smaller and the curtains will look even more out of place. Here are some tips to help you decide which window curtain type is best for you.

Dark-colored window curtains can look elegant and sophisticated

It is not hard to make a dark-colored cheap window curtain look classy and sophisticated in a room. You should consider the color, texture, and length of the curtain, and choose one that complements the overall room theme and furniture. Dark-colored window treatments also draw attention to other interior design elements, such as artwork and furniture. For example, dark-colored window curtains can create a room’s illusion of narrowness, especially if they’re too heavy.

Light-colored window curtains allow the light to illuminate the room

If you’re not sure what color window curtains should be, start with the lightest ones. Light-colored window treatments are less obtrusive than dark-colored window coverings. But if you want to keep the room bright and cheery, light-colored curtains are best. They let light in but still filter the light. Also, light-colored window treatments allow light to filter through, so you don’t have to keep your room dark.

Sheer curtains give a contemporary, laid-back look

Sheer curtains in bold patterns can add a touch of character to a plain bedroom. On the other hand, a plain curtain is calming if a room is already brightly patterned. Usually, large motifs tend to look contemporary, while smaller patterns look more traditional. However, if you’re not sure about which pattern to use, consult a design guide for some tips.

Rod-pocket panels

A special look to a window is achieved by using rod-pocket panels. They are made of lightweight fabrics that do not require lining. They are easy to hang, with the curtain rod sliding through a channel in the back of the panel. The more fabric you put on the rod, the more dramatic the bunching effect will be. Some have ruffled headers for a more formal look.

Tab top curtains

Tab top curtains are popular for bedrooms and bathrooms. They don’t require a wide hem at the top. Rather, a facing piece encloses the top edge of the curtain panel, making it easier to push the curtains open. The facing piece should be the same width as the curtain panel, plus three to four inches. You can make your tab top curtains a little longer than you need them, and you can try them on the rod before sewing the hem.

Christopher Farr Cloth fabric

If you want your room to have a unique look, then consider purchasing some Christopher Farr Cloth fabric window curtains. The company’s designers, Michal Silver and Matthew Bourne have worked with some of the most talented designers and makers from around the world to create their exclusive and beautiful collections. These fabrics are available for any room in the home and are perfect for adding a unique and special look to any space.

Sheer curtains

Sheer drapes are made from translucent fabrics, usually white, but can be other colors. They feature the same high-quality details and customization as other types of drapes. Sheer curtains create a soft look for windows while letting in filtered light. They create an ethereal atmosphere and work well in bedrooms. These curtains can be customized to add drama and soften the natural light. However, if you’re worried about privacy, there are options for coated fabrics.

Grommet panels

A special style of window Dubai curtain with grommets is a unique way to add privacy and a contemporary look to any room. These curtains are commonly called ringed panels because the top edge of the fabric panel is punched with small rings. Experts in design explain how grommet panels improve the look of a room. These curtains are made to fit windows of any size and can be hung with a double rod or a single curtain rod.



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