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How Weight Lifting Leg Strength Training is Good For Runners

Unlike what many people think, running and weight lifting usually work together. As a runner, you will need weight lifting as part of the leg strength training for runners if you are to boost your performance. When you add the strength that is gotten from weight lifting, you can switch gears quickly and be able to run faster.

Another critical reason why you lift weight is to maintain good running form even when you get fatigued. For long-distance runners, it is essential to remain in top form when they get exhausted, as this can help prevent injuries. It shows that strength training can benefit both long-distance runners and sprinters.

One of the reasons why many runners avoid weight lifting is because they think that it will make them bulk up. However, with a properly designed weightlifting program, it is possible to build strength even when you are not bulking up. It is on top of the fact that lifting weight will offer you a greater motion range as compared to running.

If you are always remembering to lift weights, even with some good form throughout the range of motion, you will not lose flexibility and may even get more.

If you are planning to lift weight as a runner, the best way to do this is by using heavy weights that will push your limit to 5 reps. When you lift weights that are lighter and with some high reps as well as shorter breaks, you can develop the right size of muscles and endurance. However, this will not make it possible for you to run faster. When you stick to the heavy eights, this can help you to develop some faster and more powerful muscle contractions.

Сommon weight lifting myths

However, there are some common weight lifting myths that runners need to learn about:

  1. Lower body. Most runners believe that running is all about legwork. However, some muscles cannot be tightened by running such glutes. With a weight lifting program, it is possible to address these issues.
  2. The best leg exercises should include basic motions like deadlifts and squats. You should begin with one or double-leg exercises before adding weights and explosive moves such as skips and jumps.
  3. Upper body. Many runners think it is unnecessary to work out their upper body. However, when you train the upper body, it is possible to improve posture.
  4. That is another area that runners commonly forget. Training the core to provide stability to eliminate inefficient and unwanted motion when running is critical. It is crucial to avoid situps if you are to achieve this.

These total body workout routines make it possible to become a better athlete.



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